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Michelle Darnell (48th-L) Press Release on Housing Crisis 6.6.2016

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May 31, 2016                                                                           Scott Scrimshaw


        “If we want more affordable housing we must keep people in their homes and repeal regulations that are driving up housing costs”-Michelle Darnell, Candidate for State Representative—Libertarian, 48th LD (Bel-Red-Kirk)

    Michelle Darnell attended the 22nd Seattle King County Realtors Association Issues briefing, Thursday June 2, at the Bellevue Westin.  

At the briefing Mollie Carmichael, Principal with John Burns Real Estate consulting confirmed what Michelle has been saying since 2014.  King County has a housing crisis.   Inventory is alarmingly low and affordability is low.  Access to mortgage financing is limited with new regulations.

Michelle Darnell, a foreclosure defense paralegal and homeowner advocate, is actually aware of the situation as she helps homeowners avoid unnecessary foreclosure via the Washington State foreclosure fairness act. According to the Department of Commerce, less than 10% of homeowners participate in the program so they walk away from their homes.  There were roughly 4000 referrals to the program in 2015 and of those only 800 were able to keep their homes. “The WA FFA is failing because banks have no incentive to act in good faith.  After being told by the bank to stop paying in the first place, the homeowner has no leverage as their credit is destroyed and they owe so much in arrears.  The banks merely go through the motions on the way to foreclosure.” When elected Michelle  says she would work to fix this by either repealing the Deed of Trust act or amending it so homeowners have a fairer chance to retain their homes without having to file an expensive lawsuit.   “We have empty homes dotting this state like bodies on a battlefield and rising rents and homeless spilling out on to the streets.  This causes a whole host of other problems.  I am running to fix this problem.”

Another problem is the burden regulation that is increasing the cost of building affordable housing. “I was recently told there is a 100 year lag in innovation because of regulations that are stifling innovative systems and product like hemp products.  These products are more energy efficient and can bring down the cost of building affordable housing but builders can’t get occupancy permits because they do not pass code.”  Michelle says that many of these codes have been engineered by industries manipulating the market by using their lobbying power.  “I support all business but when big business controls the market,  that is not free enterprise that is corporate socialism.” says Darnell.

“According to her legislative newsletter, my opponent would hope to address homelessness by investing in temporary solutions.  I would address the problem by working to keep people in their homes and by bringing down the cost of building affordable housing.  These are permanent solutions” states Darnell.

Michelle says this is an important issue in her district because people moving to the area to support our tech industry need affordable housing and building affordable housing creates jobs.  Further she says that the problems caused by homelessness are impacting our community.  “As people are flushed out of Seattle, they are coming east to try to find work and places to live” state Michelle.  Also, foreclosures themselves bring down property values of adjacent homes, she states.
Michelle Darnell

Michelle adds that she is happy that at least the problem is being discussed because in 2014, when she tried to call attention to it, few legislators or candidates even recognized the problem.  “Recognizing the problem is a first step.  Now let’s do the hard work of increasing the availability of affordable housing.  This is good for industry and families.”

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