Friday, December 30, 2016

The "Fake News" Accusations Have Begun Against Independent News Sites

Well, it's finally happened. The "Fake News" accusations have begun against independent media.

There's a growing problem in the United States and the rest of the world - truth in media is almost nonexistent when it comes to mainstream media news sources.

Years ago, I set out to solve this problem, by creating my own news site. This site has no advertisers, no paid staff. Only volunteers committed to writing the truth.

Now, this news site is under attack, with claims that our articles are fake.

Unlike traditional media which rushes to be the first to break a story, Liberty Chronicle Independent puts quality above quantity, carefully verifying any article we write or share from another news site.

I want you to ask yourself a question for a moment - what would we have to gain here for fake news? We have no advertisers, and any news from outside sources we share, we get zero revenue from their advertisers.

Could it be, that we are trying to just make a difference? Could it be that we're trying to restore integrity to journalism?

I don't have to run Liberty Chronicle Independent. It costs me money to host the site, money which I don't try to recoup at all.  It's my way of giving back to the community.

Want to help? Submit an article. Anybody can do it, and if our verification of the article checks out (because we will check the sources you include), we will publish it.

Still think we're fake news? Well, I'm sorry to hear it. Please feel free to return to whatever fake news mainstream media site you frequently visit, and continue to wear blinders for the rest of your life. But for those of you who want to, for those of you who choose to, you can join us on our mission of restoring integrity to journalism, and promoting liberty.

Ken is the editor of the Liberty Chronicle Independent

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hogan's Accidental War on Full-Time Workers

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Yesterday Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced he intends to introduce legislation which will require companies with 50 or more workers who work 30 hours or more per week to provide 40 hours of paid sick leave per year.

At face value, this seems like an excellent attempt at helping full time workers stay home when they're sick, so they can take care of themselves and not spread illness to others.

Unfortunately, as the famous saying goes, "results may vary".

For some companies, offering a week of paid sick leave to 50 employees may be too much to impact their bottom line. You see, when an employee calls off sick, if the job is something such as warehouse or manufacturing, the employer has to make a choice - either allow production to be negatively impacted (which costs money), or call in another employee to take over that shift (which also costs money). Now, the business must also cover the employee's pay as if they were still at work.

I know what you're thinking - but don't many businesses offer paid sick leave? Yes, many do. In fact, my own employer, which has less than 10 employees, offers a week of paid sick leave. However, that is part of why I chose my current employer, because of the employee benefits.

Benefits, not just wages, are a driving force behind employment decisions. A prospective employee is more likely to work for a business with lower pay and good benefits, than work for an employer with higher pay and no benefits.

So what is a business to do, if it has over 50 employees but can't afford to pay them a full week of sick leave? The business has two options - either cut back on the number of full time employees (thanks Obama!), or leave Maryland completely just like Beretta is doing because of Maryland's gun laws. Neither of these options is good for the employees or the state.

In all fairness, Governor Hogan is on the right track with his $20,000 tax incentive for paid sick leave for businesses under 50 employees. In my opinion, giving a business a tax break, instead of fining or penalizing them, is always preferable. Imagine how many additional full time jobs Maryland could possibly create if we created a sliding scale, not just offering tax breaks for businesses under 50 employees offering paid sick leave, but increasingly larger tax breaks for larger businesses.

Very rarely do I utilize this site to vocalize my own beliefs, and I absolutely believe businesses should offer their workers paid sick leave. But I cannot support forcing them to do so.

Please contact Governor Hogan today, and tell him this is a bad deal for Maryland workers. We want Maryland to be open for business, not driving away business.

Ken is the editor of the Liberty Chronicle. This editorial does not reflect or represent the view of his employers or clients.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Why does more than Half (64% Approximately) of the United States not vote?

Let's get some basic numbers out of the way.
  • According to Politico, 200 Million people were registered to vote in 2016.
  • The number of voters who actually voted in 2016 were 58% of people registered, according to PBS. (roughly 116 Million voted, based off of Politico's numbers)
  • The total population in the United States of America is over 325 Million according to World Meters.
Grated, these numbers are probably not 100% accurate, but it gives us a general idea that over half (209 Million out of 325 Million, approx 64%) of the population in the United States of America does not vote.

Repeat, 209 Million, or 64% of the population did not vote in the 2016 United States Election.

*Updated Edit: Understandably, not everyone out of the 209 Million can vote due to legal status, age, etc.  Let's just accept that those people still didn't or couldn't vote, thus were not technically able to represent their opinion.

That's a bit hard to swallow, isn't it? 36% of the population voted in America.  Only 36% of Americans made their voice heard.  Now we must ask the question, "why?"

EIC Ken Buckler displays his "I Voted" sticker
Liberty Chronicle Independent's viewer demographic is mostly Male in the 25 to 44 age range.  This gives an idea of who are paying the most attention to the political sphere on the regular.

Liberty Chronicle Independent's demographic is most read by Males 25 to 44.

Do you remember the days when politics didn't matter to you?  When life was just a normal, every day routine.  You weren't aware of the laws that were being introduced, what rights were being taken away, not aware of what country was currently being bombed by the Military Industrial Complex.  You were inside of your own bubble and the world seemed huge and out of reach.  Many of us in the Liberty movement still consider ourselves beyond the grasp of it all, despite being a hobby or career to follow what's happening politically.

The numbers don't lie, a majority of people want to be left out of the political debacle.  Life is easier admittedly, not knowing what horrific events have transpired in the world and what corrupt politicians are doing to advance a darker society, tightly ran by lobbyists and the global bankers with their interests in mind.

If you could hit the reset button and go back, would you?  Being aware that those reading this article are among the 34% who likely did vote.  Our viewership is for a specific audience when it comes to the political articles.

Life certainly is much less stressful when politics are put to the side or even ignored altogether.  Life is already a struggle for many; so why make it even harder by worrying and knowing about what is beyond your control at times and even your comprehension of scale?

This is the issue that we face.  We have over 209 Million people who actually could make a difference with their voice if they chose to.  That's 209 Million people that don't exercise their right to vote and change things.  The distractions of Social Media, Video Games, Movies, TV shows, YouTube, and many other things occupy their time.  Not to say any of those things are bad, but they are distractions in the long run in comparison to the energy that could be invested in the future of humanity.  Personally, this Editor does invest a lot of time into Politics due to the fact that so little do.  In time, hopefully that will change as Social Media continues to evolve and inspire Millennials and others to become involved.  We have seen over the last 8 years, how influential Social Media has become in elections across the globe, from Barack Obama being one of the first Presidential candidates to make heavy use of campaigning through online mediums, Bernie Sanders waking up Millennials to Cronyism and the "centipedes" helping get Donald Trump elected in 2016.

Since a record number of people were registered to vote in 2016, perhaps the trend will continue and more and more, we will have a younger generation that will constantly be in-tune to their country and change the dynamic of the political atmosphere that was widely ignored by the generation before.

Additional Reads: Millennials See Beyond Two Parties and Reject Insanity

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

LP Vice Chair Open Letter to Democrats: Media Release from LP 11/9/2016

For immediate release
November 9, 2016
Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party released this open letter to Democratic voters today in response to their candidate's decisive defeat:

Democratic voters:

Do you know why the Democratic Party lost despite better organization and more money?

It's because you literally nominated an openly pro-war Democrat. (Obama at least pretended otherwise.)

The current version Democratic Party is strongest in politically correct parts of cities, where people are often more influenced by the fashion of politics than by the substance. But the real Democratic voters, the ones who have been Democrats for decades, are not really interested in safe spaces and nonsense. They are opposed to war. Many of them became Democrats in response to the Vietnam war and to Nixon's War on Drugs (which is ironic, given that Democrats initially got the U.S. military involved in Vietnam).

When you nominated an openly pro-war "Democrat", that was frankly too much. They could not support that type of person. And rightly so.

To those anti-war Democrats: what do you do when a spouse mistreats you? First you try to convince them otherwise. If that doesn't work, you leave, and make them earn you back.

It's time for you to ditch the pro-War "Democratic" party. Join the actual anti-War party: the Libertarian Party. If the Democrats want your vote and your energy, make them earn it. Make them pledge to end the War on Drugs and end U.S. involvement in foreign civil wars. Libertarian Candidates have already signed pledges to that effect.

And to the anti-War left that has been missing since 2008: please stop the hypocrisy. Democrats bombing foreign countries is just as bad as Republicans bombing foreign countries. If you cannot hold your own candidates the the same standards you hold Republican candidates, you are either hypocrites or fools.

If you want to stop war, bring the troops home, shut down foreign military bases, and cut taxes accordingly, please join the Libertarian Party. Learn more at

In Liberty,

Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee


The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 and is the third largest political party in the United States. 

The Libertarian Party seeks to expand personal freedoms, dramatically reduce taxes and government interference in the economy, and avoid meddling in overseas conflicts.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Used the Media Against Itself by Nassif Hussary / Blaz Hrovat

Independent Associate Editor Note from David Malekar:  All publicans by the Liberty Chronicle Independent are written by individual contributors and are not reflections or opinions of the LCI.  We encourage freedom of speech.  A thank you to Nassif Hussary (located in Palestine) and Bla┼ż Hrovat (located in Slovenia) for submitting this piece.  They wish to express that they are not Trump supporters.

Trump wants to build a wall, Muslims need to stay out of the USA, women are fat bitches you grab by the pussy, Mexicans are rapists, he's a racist, homophobic Putin puppet, and egocentric chauvinist etc. are all things mainstream media has fed you over the course of his presidential campaign, the same media that's paid by the Wall Street elite as the main focus of globalist propaganda.

Isn't it very strange how in 30 years time before these elections, no one accused him of being any of those things? After running for presidency they strike him. It's a little known fact that both parties had a candidate of their own set up for years. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton who were supposed to go at each other at a grand finale that would've essentially been different sides of the same coin. Then Trump came in and "wanted to build a wall" and no one knew what to think.

He was fresh, he was new, he was a new breeze to the political scene, guarded by grey lazy political elite. They laughed at him, brought him down, ridiculed him, but unknowingly they created attention towards him and raised his popularity. People noticed that lying statements and watered down political and academic words coming out of the mouths of Obama and all the others who came before him were just not enough and are just a distraction.

Hillary was promising exactly what the main interests of corporations are: War. The perpetuation of agony in the world, created by the presidents before her. People picked Trump, who has already ran 100+ businesses that still blossom today, with only 4 failing, which is an enormous business achievement. The guy isn't great, he's not even good, we all know that. He's an egocentric and his speeches are like they were written by children, but he has exposed the real face of media, the rigging of elections, the absurdity of a 2-party system, the corruptions in politics and the power of lobbies who have done everything they could to get an outsider like trump out of the picture. Trump financed himself with money from his 40yr career. His own money. He was never in feud with the law, never punished, he didn't need this. He knew his candidature would result in ridicule and laughter, that he will become the "bad guy" over night, simply because he appeared in the middle of a rigged game.

The last president who was not rigged was Kennedy and we all know what happened to him. We cannot say for sure what he will bring, but we can be sure that a candidate so popular as him who is such a thorn in the side of bankers will NEVER appear again. He has said some vulgar shit, of course, but that's because he didn't get a PhD in bullshiting like the rest of them, who pack the biggest evil in flowers and candy.

Against Mexicans? only illegal immigrants.
Women=fat bitches? only Rosie o' Donnel.
Racist against blacks? He was awarded for huge donations to the Afroamerican community.
He's rooting for the KKK? Hillary's private teacher was an ex leader of the KKK - Robert Byrd; and she looked up to him a lot.
Vulgar Sexual statements? Hillary protected a rapist in court and has silenced multiple of her husband, Bill's rape victims through blackmail and threats.

Oh, and don't forget all the scum that was revealed about her and her organization through Wikileaks. #spiritcooking

Before the voting had started, I've thought of Trump as a way for the people to show that their opinions matter (no matter how bigoted they may be or seem). If you haven't noticed, a huge majority of influential and relevant people in various media outlets have said that Hillary was going to win, Google and Bing flat out gave trump no more than a 5% chance at winning... yet look what happened!

The people voted and the people made him win, this showed us that the people can actually DO SOMETHING if they put their minds to it. I've seen Trump supporters actually doing their research to clear Trump's image online by opposing the media and exposing the outright bias and irrelevant attacks over his person, which seemed to take priority over the well-needed criticisms of some of his policies.

The Democratic campaign simply relied on flip-flopping, saying anything to gain support, as pointed out by Barack Obama himself about Hillary Clinton back in 2008... so is it a surprise that he'd switch sides to support her in her campaign when Trump started to take the lead?

Meanwhile, like I mentioned earlier, most of Trump's campaign's opposition had no more than "he's racist/bigoted/sexist...etc." to go against him, some women went as far as accusing him of raping them over a decade ago simply for political agenda.

"The Wall" was just there to get media attention after the ridicule made him popular. Otherwise media would've been directed at Hillary only, but they can't resist a scandal. A bad commercial is still a commercial. Trump has written a book "Art of Deal" where he thoroughly explains how to get media attention and how simple it is, even if they hate you and are bought against you. He knew what psychological approach to take. His campaign could've well been a big act.

30 years ago, Trump reached the public eye when the Rothschild family bailed one of his businesses out and they expected him to work by their rules and he broke them. This is a unique moment in history, it will force both parties to rethink and restructure themselves. This presidency will definitely bring new things to the table.

In the end, Trump's success wasn't about bigotry or racism in America (while it did play a part), it was more about people sending a message that could potentially lead to a reform by the people, for the people, in order to weaken the government's influence for the better.

Finally, I think Trump should just walk around with a bullet-proof helmet on his head all the time.

Now, can I PLEASE not see any uneducated, uninformed, intellectually-insulting whining on my Facebook news feed starting today and up to 2 weeks from now? (because, apart from Harambe, nothing stays relevant online or in the media for long than that).

TL;DR, STFU, it's not the end of the world, the Media, Democrats and Libtards have reaped what they've sown, Trump is now president, and shit won't be as bad as y'all are making out to be. If the worst thing you have against Trump is his vulgarity, while you ignore the countless war crimes HRC is connected to, including the creation of ISIS and the destruction of countless lives in the Middle East in the name of war and oil profit... then please consider Clorox as your daily refreshment drink.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Interview with Jasen Wunder, candidate for Congress of the 8th District in MD

Jasen Wunder, Maryland Congressional candidate for the 8th District
DM:  Thank you, Mr. Wunder for getting to speak with the Liberty Chronicle Independent so close to voting day.  You are running for the 8th Congressional District in Maryland.  How would you describe your role and duties as Congressman?

JW:  As a congressman, my job would be to enact legislation that best serves the people in the 8th district. This is best done by keeping Government out of their lives as much as possible.

DM:  Out of all the issues within your position, what is the most important to you and how do you plan on handling it as Congressman.

JW:  Term limits and pay reduction. My first act will be to filler buster the first chance I get until congress enacts a single two year term limit and a pay reduction from $174,000 a year to $56,000. They should only be paid the national median income.

DM:  In your opinion, what truly sets you apart from your opponents?

JW:  I am the only candidate who will lower taxes and expand privacy rights. I am also the only candidate who vows to serve only one single two year term and will only except a lower pay from the $174,000 to $56,000. I also give out my personal cell phone. (410) 916 - 5805 for anyone to call me at anytime.

DM:  What links can you provide such as website or Facebook page that will allow readers to learn more about your platform?


My website:
Personal Cell phone: (I like to give this out) (410) 916 - 5805
DM:  Thank you, Jasen for being able to answer our questions on short notice.  What closing thoughts would you like to add to for readers/voters in regards to gaining your vote come November 8th?
JW:  Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to say we need to start think of the Gov as being our employee and not the reverse. Term limits and a reduction in pay is significant. It is suppose to be public service and not a full time career. Call me anytime with questions or to tell me your ideas to strengthening our country.

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Clinton Wishes This Video Would Be Removed from the Internet

I can't believe anyone in the LGBT community would still support her after she said this.

Yes, you heard her right. She said "I believe marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman."

This entire election is a farce. A scam. A flimflam.

Clinton and doesn't care about LGBT rights.

Trump doesn't care about LGBT rights either.

This year the ONLY presidential candidate who actually cares about LGBT rights is Gary Johnson.

Don't forget to vote on November 8.

Ken is the editor of the Liberty Chronicle Independent.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Saving the Firewheel: Interview with Mike Lapointe of Firewheel Community Coffeehouse in Everett WA

Mike Lapointe (La-Point) is facing a crisis with the Firewheel, located at 2727 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201.  Currently under economic hardship, he reaches out to the community for support after participating in the community for many years.

Mike Lapointe (center) at Firewheel Community Coffeehouse

His goal of reviving the "Town Hall" concept to allow local citizens to be able to voice their opinions, concerns and bring to light issues that may not be normally seen or heard of.  Currently, Mike's location is open to all groups of people who wish to hold events and meetings.

Many call this place a second home because of the welcoming atmosphere and comfort within.  Others know of the location because of the activism out of the Firewheel, on issues such as helping the homeless and counseling groups.

Our exclusive video Interview with Mr. Lapointe explains in further detail the issues the Firewheel are facing and how people can help.  No one wants to see a local business have to close, especially one that works so closely to help those within the community.

LCI Exclusive: Interview with Mike Lapointe of Firewheel Community Coffeehouse in Everett WA

GoFundMe Link for Donations:



Outside of the Firewheel
Following description is from the "GoFundMe" page link for donations:
The Firewheel is community first and foremost. We do more than sell coffee. We promote and grow the community. Meeting space is free for any group and we stay open beyond our normal closing time, until a scheduled meeting or event is over. We have a small but eclectic library of books for people to read while visiting or to buy if they prefer. Everything we can do to keep things local we do, from providing pastry and sandwiches from the Colby Diner across the street, to offering delicious gourmet coffee from a small Seattle business wanting to expand into the Puget Sound area.
We are environmentally conscious, recycle and even have our coffee delivered by sailboat to keep our carbon footprint small. We have a music venue growing in popularity, especially among our young customers who find it hard to locate a place to hang out that welcome them and offer an alcohol free environment.
We present all genres of music catering to whatever musical preference you may have.

We have become the Town Square missing in our towns and cities of today. We promote discussion and understanding of important issues to our society and provide a place to lay back, have a good time and leave with a sense that this is where you belong, because it is where you belong. It is where we all belong, our space… the commons.

Over 4 years of community building, of sacrifice in money and thousands of hours in volunteered time by many people has kept the Firewheel afloat. But the efforts have all  gone into just surviving to this point of success and there are still needed additions to be made to The Firewheel to ensure we remain open and evolve to meet the needs of our customers and our communities.

Much of our equipment is old and needs to be serviced or replaced.  If a new freezer is needed suddenly, we may go out of business. The increase in participants and number of meetings and events require building of interior walls to muffle the sound of the expresso machine or loud bands and separating the meeting areas from the front counter for privacy. Our furniture is well worn and we are always looking for replacements. As we grow so do our cost to operate. Staying open later requires more electricity and as we have more musical events that has increased the cost of our liability insurance.

Then there are additions to our menu. We would like to offer additional items on the menu which will sell during the summer, a time when sales tend to drop off somewhat, and we have some ideas in mind, but they require the purchase of additional equipment. Keeping sales up during this time of the year is crucial.

Financially, The Firewheel has persevered longer than any other company would have, because our goal was not profit as a measure of our success. We are at the point where this venture can be self-sustainable with as little as $10,000 to pay off the incurred cost spent just to remain open when times were tough and making the improvements I have mentioned.

It is the people who made The Firewheel a valued part of the community. Please contribute whatever you can to grow our shop even more and ensure it will continue to evolve and  always be a great destination spot for all the people in our community. 
This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Why is every Political Party and Independents, Terrified of Clinton and the People around Her? by David Malekar


Never in the history of our country, have we seen a general collaboration of the Republican, Green, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties against the War Machine that is Hillary Clinton.

You can be a supporter of any of these four parties and still unanimously agree that Clinton is a criminal and the Democratic Party is rigging this election.

The fact that all four of these major parties are in complete agreement should scream "WARNING" to those who are even remotely considering voting for Clinton. 

I can't comprehend it.

Then again, we can't comprehend it. We don't understand Clinton voters because we have actually read at least one article that shows the amount of war and body trail that Clinton administrations have left behind. The lies that have been told. The fraud that has been committed. 

Hillary's voters have not read one article about her that exposes who they are, without dismissing it immediately to being "just bad guys talking about a nice old woman."

I've spoken to Clinton supporters. They are very unaware to what she really is. Look at Clinton's Facebook. It's nothing but stories of a nice old woman that's "fighting for women and kids." This is all they know about Clinton because this is all they see. Their environment is safe from the truth because they don't read online news. They see what's on TV once in a while, painting the Third-Parties as "never having a chance" and "a wasted vote." The only talk about Trump being "racist," a "sexist," this, that, and whatever. These people have a closed world view that everyone other than Hillary is "the bad guy" and we will be destroying the country for women and children.

This is crunch time. This is the final showdown. The Globalist Bankers want to usher in Clinton to allow them to continue to rob the American people of their money and rights in broad daylight. You have to be gentle as they already view you as "the enemy." While frustrating, be patient with a Clinton supporter and explain that they should take a look at why every political party in America is terrified of a Clinton Presidency. Ask them to just think about that. When Jill Stein and Donald Trump are agreeing that Clinton is a threat to all of our safety and the world, maybe it will be enough for the idea to hit them to look at all the things that are being said.

We can't afford another 4 to 8 years of what has felt like one giant Presidential term since Bill Clinton. War since him through Bush to Obama. Poverty and recession. Big banks getting bailed out and avoiding criminal justice. American citizens being killed by the militarized police state and the massive incarceration by the prison industrial complex. We can't as a nation afford this.

Please, Clinton voters. We are asking that you simply ask the simple question, "Why is every political party and independents, terrified of Clinton and the people around her?" If she's truly the nice woman that wants to take care of women and children, why are we so scared of this? Just, please, think about it. Then start reading the articles we are sharing, listen to the things we are saying. All we ask is that you look and see what we are talking about and why we do.

- David Malekar
Independent Associate Editor of Liberty Chronicle Independent
Equal & Civil Rights, Homeless Relief/Solution and Anti-War Activist
Piscataway Native American

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Joshua Trumbull WA Attorney General Candidate Interview: LCI Exclusive

Joshua Trumbull, Washington State candidate for Attorney General
Josh Trumbull took a few minutes to sit down with the Liberty Chronicle Independent and tell us what the Attorney General position means to him, and how he will act accordingly within the position.  Trumbull describes the position as the "People's Attorney."  Joshua wants accountability and to address the fraud that is within our state and nationwide today.


Joshua Trumbull WA Attorney General Candidate Interview: LCI Exclusive Part 1

He has a great concern for the future of the children of our country and wants to ensure they have chance, compared to the landscape that is in place currently.  Foreclosure and Bank Fraud are on top of his agenda to address.

Joshua Trumbull WA Attorney General Candidate Interview: LCI Exclusive Part 2

Josh details his "Community Protection Act" that deals with accountability that is currently not available for individuals and communities.  Open Government and the ability for people to know what's going on are beliefs held in high regard to Trumbull.  He states that he likes an "open door" policy in regards to citizens being able to communicate with his office and to represent the people.  "Individual rights are paramount," as said by Joshua.

 Joshua Trumbull WA Attorney General Candidate Interview: LCI Exclusive Part 3

You can follow Josh and his campaign at the Facebook and website links above, or below:

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

LCI Exclusive: Robert J. Sutherland, WA Congressional Dist. 1 Candidate Interview

Robert Sutherland, Washington State Congressional District 1 candidate (R)
Robert Sutherland takes a minute to let the Liberty Chronicle Independent know about his unique Congressional run for the District 1 seat in Washington State.  Robert wants to approach things from a constitutional perspective, addressing the concerns for safety and the future of citizens.

Sutherland is taking a unique campaign approach that he describes in the video, being a Scientist and a Veteran; making clear that he is not a career politician.


LCI Exclusive: Robert J. Sutherland, WA Congressional Dist. 1 Candidate (R) Interview

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Friday, October 14, 2016

LCI Exclusive: Interview with WA State Public Lands Commissioner candidate Steve McLaughlin

Steve McLaughlin - Public Lands Commissioner candidate for Washington State
Steve McLaughlin sits down with Liberty Chronicle Independent and gives his take on the role of the Public Lands Commissioner in Washington state and how he plans on helping Washington through the position (examples: Manager of the State Trust Lands and responsible for generating funding for Public Schools, Head of Department of Natural Resources to help generate revenue for state trusts and manage over 5 million acres of land in WA, Head of the largest Fire Department in the state).  For those who may be unfamiliar with the role of the Public Lands Commissioner, McLaughlin explains in excellent detail.


LCI Exclusive: Steve McLaughlin, candidate for WA State Public Lands Commissioner
Part 1: Introduction

LCI Exclusive: Steve McLaughlin, candidate for WA State Public Lands Commissioner
Part 2: How to Maintain Forests and Safety in WA

Steve has over 35 years of leadership experience through the NAVY and more.  Steve plans on protecting the land and repair/manage the forests in WA.  He explains how fires for many firefighters and other public servants have been injured because of the desperate need to maintain WA forests.  McLaughlin is going to be on top of it.

LCI Exclusive: Steve McLaughlin, candidate for WA State Public Lands Commissioner
Part 3: Working Directly to Solve Issues

Steve wants a "no penalty audit" (unless criminal negligence is found) of our State Trusts and the Department of Natural Resources in order to know what adjustments need to be made, along with collaboration with stake holders.  He wants to do this directly, rather than through long drawn out processes as he describes in the video.

LCI Exclusive: Steve McLaughlin, candidate for WA State Public Lands Commissioner
Part 4: Specifics, Plans, Listening to the People and More

After interviewing Steve, a lot of insight in the role of the Public Lands Commissioner for WA is explained in a way that makes sense to everyone who may have been confused before.  The amount of trust this position has is critical to the state of Washington.  To learn even more and follow updates from McLaughlin, be sure to visit the website and like the Facebook page.

Lastly, take a look at Steve's biography from the Facebook page below.  Much thanks to Steve and his team for giving the Liberty Chronicle Independent the opportunity to speak with him and learn more about Washington State.
Steve McLaughlin
- For WA State Public Lands Commissioner
I was born in Washington State and I’m a third generation native of the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Public Health, I enlisted in the Navy where I honorably served for over 25 years in a variety of leadership roles including command. I participated in numerous operations and conflicts including, Bosnia, Somalia, DESERT STORM and the Global War on Terror. In my final Navy job, I served as the Executive Officer, Naval Station Everett. During that tour, I was a key player in the Snohomish County Homeland Security Strategy Committee. Most importantly, I proudly initiated an effort to help preserve one of the last tracts of lower Puget trough old growth Forest by naming the forest after Navy Forester, Walter Briggs, who saved this beautiful tract.
Record of my military service is fully disclosed.
More recently, I work as the Critical Infrastructure Protection Business area manager for Sound & Sea Technology, in Lynnwood, WA. In this role, I serve Project and Program Manager on a variety of military and private sector security design and installation projects. I was also contracted by Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management and the Washington State Region I Urban Area Security Initiative to deliver incident command courses to hundreds of firefighters, police officers, sheriff deputies, park rangers and other public officials in Snohomish, Island, Skagit, San Juan and Okanogan Counties. These experiences have been most rewarding. 
As a continued service to our state, I am the founding President of Liberty Watch of Washington. Liberty Watch was founded as a non-partisan organization dedicated to preserving the rights and freedoms of all Washingtonians as well as providing relief services to our citizens affected by disaster. Our first relief effort was to provide comfort to the citizens of Oso and Darrington following the devastating landslide. During the fires across Eastern Washington in 2014 and 2015, Liberty Watch sent teams to the region to help rebuild burnt homes, clear debris and install fencing. We later received a short notice request to raise and distribute relief supplies to residents who lost their homes to fires. In seven days, we collected over 30 tons of much needed supplies and our teams delivered these supplies directly into the hands of those in need. This effort led to the formation of Liberty Disaster Relief Services, or LDRS. As Executive Director of LDRS, I am preparing our teams to provide relief response to all corners of the State and beyond. Our goal is to keep our donation to delivery rate at close to 100%. 
I hold a PSC from the Royal Naval College in London and a MA (with distinction) in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College. I live in Seabeck, Washington and my wife, Julia is the Athletic Director for Naval Base Kitsap. Between us, we have five children and three grandchildren. I am a lifelong mountaineer and climber as well as hunter and fisherman. I look forward to serving all the people of Washington as your Commissioner of Public Lands. 
REI: #222401!! I’m getting close!!
American Alpine Club
National Rifle Association
Rotary Club (inactive)
My Vision
Lands and natural resources management in Washington State will be the national model for state lands management through our efforts to provide balanced solutions to all of the issues affecting the management of our public lands and land trust. In doing so, I will work with citizens from ALL sides to evaluate issues to provide intelligent, well balanced solutions to ensure increased revenues for our schools, create jobs, to protect our environment and to provide for abundant recreation to our residents and tourists.
My Strategies
1. I will examine all issues affecting our public lands and focus on measures to ensure abundant revenue generation and distribution; improved forest practices to both protect the environment and create jobs; streamline firefighting strategies to prevent the disasters of 2014 and 2015 from happening again. I will include stakeholders from all sides of issues in my examination to ensure a balanced way forward. Everything is on the table!
2. I will conduct an internal review of Department of Natural Resources Policies and practices with an eye toward ensuring the goals set forth in my vision statement are attained. I will work as a servant leader to assure the employees of the department are able to do their jobs in a productive manner to best serve the people of Washington.
3. The findings of the stakeholder study and internal department review will be synthesized to a roadmap for full implementation. I will do my best to make the best possible decisions for the good of our lands and for the people of Washington State.
My Priorities
1. Create jobs for the people of Washington through timber harvests to return our forests to a state of health; re-open access to public lands for recreation, grazing, mining and logging; and most importantly, by fulfilling our obligation to distribute State Trust revenues to the counties of our state. This will be accomplished while protecting our environment, wildlife and water resources.
2. Ensure the Department of Natural Resources and my office rapidly fulfill our obligation to generate revenues and provide those earnings to the people of Washington.
3. Streamline firefighting practices to prevent future conflagrations. This effort includes a thorough review of forest practices to enhance forest health.
4. Ensure the employees of the DNR have the tools they need to serve the people of Washington.
…And finally,
I love our region. In my travels around the world, there is no place I would rather live. I want to preserve our lands so my grandchildren can have the benefit of experiencing what I have during my life here.
This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

7 Reasons Breaking Ranks is Honorable by Chaplain Scott Scrimshaw


by Chaplain Scott Scrimshaw

In a Presidential Race dominated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump much has been said about Evangelical Leaders endorsing Donald Trump. It is said that the Evangelical vote all but belongs to him. However, the fact is many Pastors and Churches are unable to keep in step with these Evangelical endorsements of Donald Trump. Bear in mind that the same group of Leaders endorsing Trump is also the same group that has literally alienated and practically lost an entire generation of people.

The Evangelical hierarchy would have you believe it’s the fault of the Church for not being Christian enough. Or that it’s all an End-Times conspiracy. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with the Church and there is absolutely another choice on the ballot of all 50 States besides Trump. Evangelical Shepherds seem to have lost sight of what is actually important to God and to the sheep. The sheep are just looking for a genuine reason to stand up and break ranks. I believe Gov. Gary Johnson is that honorable reason to break ranks with dubious Evangelical endorsements.

1) All Things Begin and End with Integrity

"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight." ~ Proverbs 12:22

I don't have to choose between the lesser of two evils. I can vote my conscience. Governor Johnson epitomizes principled integrity and honesty.  There is no drama or ugly rhetoric coming from the Johnson Ticket. “There is no self-righteous agenda in his campaign or in his resume.” ( His book, Seven Principles of Good Government, belies a genuine humility. His “free market enterprise” approach to economics and innovation ardently denounces the corruption of today's cronyism. Capitalism, with its self-empowering abilities, has become a distorted abomination supported by the Clintons and Trumps of the world. Johnson opposes both crony capitalism and the corrupt, compromising relationship of Congress to lobbyists. He is a consistent advocate for term limits and the reduction of political corruption they have engendered. Johnson speaks honestly, quietly and resolutely on the things that matter most. Trump and Clinton can't even fathom this.

2) There is No Freedom Without Liberty

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” -  2Cor3:17

We as Christians are absolutely feeling the ever increasing pressure of the World around us. More Authoritarianism is not the answer.  Thankfully, Governor Johnson is a genuine Constitutionalist and has a high respect and strong view of both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s that view which enables him to routinely re-examine himself while continuing to stand firm for things as important as the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

New Mexico has a rich and diverse religious population. Native Pueblos, Roman Catholicism, Sikhs, Mainline Protestant Evangelicals, Buddhist etc. Nothing during Johnson's tenure as Governor indicates that he would appoint bad Justices or enact bad policy. Governor Johnson takes a solid stand for religious freedom. I take great encouragement that even when his positions are misunderstood he is honest and  takes the high road. This was most recently demonstrated with what to me is one of the most astute balancing of Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties we have seen in decades: the ”Utah Compromise”. He also makes no apologies for the 2nd Amendment.

In other words, Johnson is a constitutionalist and a true civil libertarian. On the other hand, neither Trump nor Clinton can lay claim to such values and, as a result, Trump is promising favors to the Evangelical constituency—favors directed at us and at our politicking concerns.  He misses the boat completely. For communities of faith, schools, think tanks, foundations, organizational clubs, charities and action committees across the country,  the real solution lies in doing away with the IRS and the US Tax Code. Such an action would end the ability of the Government to profile and discriminate against a particular group applying for a particular tax status. It would also immediately put an end to the corrupt buying and selling of influence peddling.  

The real issue before the Church is profound. The Evangelical Church rightfully fears coming restrictions that will jeopardize its tax exempt status. I know the Church is being scrutinized for the culture wars we've been waging all these years. Eliminating the IRS frees the American Evangelical Church from its dependence upon the Republican Party. The Church is finally being given the chance to choose between access to cheap political power, used to push a conservative cultural agenda, and the liberty to actually be the Church. To actually go out unfettered and by the free association that de Tocqueville wrote about, be that city on a hill. Remember, "Our [American] Founders, their rallying cry was Liberty—not social conservatism.” (

But Liberty over reliance upon the GOP requires asking what political favors are we willing to give up? Governor Gary Johnson is advocating for the abolishment of the IRS. He wants to implement an across-the board-consumption tax. Boom! Done! No more IRS, no more churches fearing the loss of their tax exempt status. To be sure, Johnson, as a Constitutionalist will appoint Supreme Court Justices in keeping with Original Constitutional intent and Jurisprudence. The Church can expect to be treated fairly, impartially. That means equal treatment under the law for all. In other words: no more political favors coming our way either.

3) The Church Should not be Pitted Against Herself

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ - Math 25:40

If among you, one of your brothers should become poor, in any of your towns within your land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother, 8 but you shall open your hand to him and lend him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be.” ~ Deut. 15:6-8

My Christian ethos is not simply concerned that Donald Trump is a Crony Capitalist who has benefited greatly by loopholes and high powered relationships.  Trump is making promises to one group within the Christian Church while attacking another part of Her. As a border state governor, Gary Johnson understands, immigration issues and he reminds us of our human brotherhood with the Hispanic community and with the members of our own spiritual family. Many Hispanics are Catholic Christians and many are members of a variety of Protestant denominations too. Under a Trump presidency, families will be broken up and deported. Churches and communities will be torn apart. Aside from the inhumanity of such actions, this would also have a significant economic impact across our country.

4) National Defense Should Be Just That: Defense.

“When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe;” ~ Luke 11:21

Governors Johnson and Weld fully understand the need for a strong national defense as well as the threat of terrorism. They understand the distinction between Sharia, a political ideology incompatible with our Constitution, and being Muslim, which is protected by the Bill of Rights. Their determination to treat ISIS as an organized crime syndicate is intelligent, and Governor Weld has a successful track record shutting down such organizations.

"Something that no one in this presidential race is discussing is that Sharia law is politics. Everyone in this country supports freedom of religion, but Sharia law is politics. Sharia law is absolutely incompatible with the US Constitution -- and that starts with women’s rights. We are clouding Sharia law with freedom of religion and we need to clearly separate the two. And we need to cut off funding to what is advancing Sharia." (Governor Gary Johnson) I appreciate that the Governors also understand the concerns of Israel.

However, the United States is not the World’s Policeman. As a US Navy Veteran I am glad that  Governor Johnson understands the necessity of maintaining a fully funded, modern military for the defense of our Nation, our Interests and our Allies. But  also that Johnson stands firmly against Regime change and Nation building. He is a non-Isolationist, non-Interventionist. As such, I see him as the best candidate to keep members of our Armed Services ready at all times while limiting loss of life and limb. His is the Statesmanship and temperament I want to see in a Commander in Chief.

5) The National Debt Must be Addressed

“For the Lord your God will bless you, as he promised you, and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and you shall rule over many nations, but they shall not rule over you. ~ Deut. 15:6

Governor Gary Johnson is the only candidate seriously attempting to address our $20 trillion dollar National debt. He recognizes this as a true threat to our National security. He takes this seriously and has an incredible fiscal track record to begin dealing with it. Johnson understands the economic importance of dismantling the IRS, of removing obstacles to small business, and of entrepreneurial economic growth through new industries like Hemp and Marijuana. He understands the significance of human creativity especially as we enter into a new era of goods and services being produced, delivered and driven via new platforms and technological innovation. Donald Trump does not.

Gov. Johnson is about recognizing the possibility of a sustainable energy market and a solvent economy. Trump is about shutting down the very things that drive the new transitions taking place in the technology sector. Gary Johnson is the Elon Musk, Tesla, Uber, Space-X and Blue Origin, high tech, high wage -- future thinking, Silicon Valley, pro innovation candidate that the economy has been waiting for. Donald Trump is not.

6) The Future of Education

“For the protection of wisdom is like the protection of money, and the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him who has it.” - Eccl. 7:12

Governor Johnson will move to abolish the Department of Education. It is failing our students and is a relatively recent addition to the federal bureaucracy, going back to Jimmy Carter. Governor Johnson has long been an advocate of school choice, school vouchers, home schooling and charter schools—in short, anything to stimulate educational competition and innovation. He is a charter school pioneer. His policies created merit based scholarship funding for New Mexico high school graduates to pursue college education. The scholarships are awarded based on high school grades, accomplishments and immediate enrollment in college following high school graduation. Scholarships are funded from state lottery revenues.  Governor Johnson is fully aware of the problems public school children, private school kids, their families, home schooling parents and our educators are struggling with in their efforts to both educate and to exercise the free expression of their consciences while doing so.

7) Pro-Birth is not the same thing as being Pro-Life or Pro-Child
Ecclesiastes 6:3-5/Exodus 21:22-25

Governor Johnson is not pro-life. But he is also not pro-death. Both Governors Johnson and Weld are pro-Choice but want a pro-life economy. This is another example of the many libertarian paradoxes. Or what I have come to know in my own experiences as the quest for the radical middle. It's very clear that the two party narrative, and the binary choice of Right vs. Left can't figure out the Libertarian paradox of being simultaneously Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.  We often feel forced to live in an either/or world.This is not doublespeak. Pro-Birth is not the same as Pro-Life. Pro-Choice is not the same as Pro-Death. Gary Johnson has been consistent in his view of these issues for decades.

Governor Johnson is definitely not pro-death.  He wants to end the criminalization of marijuana and end the catastrophic war on drugs. This war has devastated households and increased the desperation many women feel leading to increased Abortions. The human cost of the War on Drugs has far exceeded whatever gains it hoped to make. Governor Johnson has been a leader on this issue for decades. The war on drugs has become a culture war of death. It has ruined many lives across the entire social spectrum. A Grandmother 30 years ago fought for tough criminal sentencing on drug offenses never thinking it would lead to institutionalized racism.  She also never thought that her grandchildren might lose their scholarships, jobs, their freedom and, in many cases, their lives as a result of our war on drugs. Governor Johnson has been a pioneer in changing how we think about marijuana and hemp. He fully grasps both the medical and industrial aspects of the marijuana and hemp industries.  Governor Johnson is pro-living. pro-family and pro-child—from the parental consent laws he signed as Governor to the Salud! program he created as a safety net in New Mexico to ensure healthcare and human services for lower income families.

Why do I build a case for pro-life support of Governors Johnson and Weld? Because I know they're not what the evangelical community has been conditioned to support. I know that this issue and similarly related ones are so important to many in the Christian community that they simply will not vote for a pro-choice candidate. Johnson has taken some pro-life stances and I am taking the rest on faith. I will not make this a single issue presidency. I believe in the integrity and presence of character as found in both Governor Johnson and Governor Weld. I believe they will be better than either Clinton or Trump when it comes to both sides of this issue. I have met with both men. These are men we can respect. There is wisdom in their thoughts and, they are also better than Trump or Clinton when it comes to Planned Parenthood:

"I would prefer that the government not be in the healthcare care business. However, it is, and as much as 75% of the federal funding for Planned Parenthood comes in the form of providing services under Medicaid. Cutting off that funding from Planned Parenthood would simply result in it being directed elsewhere -- to other providers of the same services, where available.

“Targeting Planned Parenthood for de-funding is a political ploy that yields the net effect of targeting a certain group of women by making it more difficult to access health care services—from cancer screening to prenatal care—for which they are otherwise eligible. As long as that is the case, I will not jump onto the de-funding political bandwagon. We can, and should, have a national discussion about the government's role in funding health care. However, arbitrarily targeting Planned Parenthood without having the discussion and reforming Medicaid, along with other federal and state programs, is simply unfair and discriminatory. There would be no benefit to taxpayers, and only disruption of services to which women are today legally entitled." (Gary Johnson,

Donald Trump is a moral Free Fall. Our experience in the Kingdom of God should be based on God's character. Where we see godly character we see a facet of the Kingdom and of the Kingdom's God. These men have godly characteristics of integrity, honesty, maturity and peace. Their character is already changing the nature of the race. These are mature men with a sense of humility and deep quiet strength. That is sufficient for me. November 8th I am standing up and breaking ranks with leaders who no longer represent me. I encourage you to do the same.

Scott Scrimshaw
Scott Scrimshaw
Hood River Oregon
Volunteer Chaplain, Johnson/Weld Faith Coalition

* This is NOT an official statement of the Johnson/Weld Campaign. This statement is my own Pastoral heart as a volunteer Chaplain. Find us on Facebook “Johnson/Weld Faith Coalition”. Like faith, this modified graphic from a John Stossel Article illustrates the paradoxical nature of Libertarianism: