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What’s Wrong with the Libertarian Party?

What’s Wrong with the Libertarian Party?

 By Kimberly McCurry

The infighting in the Libertarian Party is at one of the highest levels many long time members have seen in years.  It’s at a level that has many new members questioning their commitment to the party.

Toward the beginning of the Obama Administration people seemed to feel that the Libertarian Party was Republicans who like to smoke weed.  Today it seems that the party has turned to being liberals that don’t like taxes.  The stress has increased with the extreme right and the extreme left movements that are outside of the party causing those that lean each way to argue about whose side to take – if any.  On top of that there are those who are arguing with both sides within the party, that both sides outside of the party are equally as bad.

And these are just the current events.  Since the beginning there has been a struggle between those that simply want to reduce government with those that want to remove it.  Usually this is because many of those wanting to remove government are overly militant with defending violence against those in the government as self-defense because they are aggressing through the government, making it difficult for the peaceful ones to convince people that life would not be overly violent without government.

So – what is wrong with the Libertarian Party that they cannot easily unite?  Why can’t they work together?  What is leadership doing so wrong they are attacked every day?

The answer is actually nothing in particular.

But then why all the extreme infighting?  Well, there are several reasons.

Besides the proportionally few actual harassment issues with in parties (which parties do NEED to address); more people are either getting involved in politics, or simply complaining about it.  With more people involved, more opinions are thrown into the mix – and they don’t always coincide with each other.  This is not unique to the Libertarian Party.  The old parties (the Republican and Democrat Parties) have the same issues, they’ve simply been around longer so they have a more solid “establishment” to maintain a more unified appearance.  But that is the word…appearance.  Those that are complaining about them have either been fiercely fighting with in their parties or leaving to one that makes more sense to them now.

Leaving a party does not mean that they have necessarily changed (it could be that-but the parties have known to shift in policy support over the years also).  Parties shift stances over the course of several years, however, the Libertarian Party tends to swing a little faster because whenever one party is in control of the government, more people from the losing side get frustrated with their own party, and decide to come to the best possibility at changing things-the 3rd largest party-the Libertarian Party.

This causes the LP to see more fluctuation than the established parties, and can cause more strife.  But the real issue even lies deeper than different factions within a party.  There will always be factions, but the swing of difference shouldn’t be as wide as they are in the larger 3 to 4 parties.

The issue is our government being set up to be more of a 2 party system than truly representative.  It causes smaller groups of people to join with larger groups of people that may not be the best fit for them, just to attempt to balance their ideas out.  If we had more parties that better represented ideas people had, there would be more cohesions within the parties.  Yes, there would still be infighting, but there would be more choices.  And perhaps a voter could finally find  the one they fit with best.  In addition, if there were more parties to choose from, if individuals do find they are being harassed or mistreated by an organization they could more easily leave than have to deal with an abusive “relationship”.

The infighting of all parties are caused by the election system we have and there are ways to change this. Perhaps, instead of talking about who will control each party; maybe people should be working together to make the environment more friendly for more parties.  If there was a party that nearly represented the majority of voters we wouldn’t have 40% of registered voters not voting each election – because they have someone they can vote for.

We may be able to get a few people in here and there but until we tackle the issues keeping us from breaking the glass ceilings of the political party class we will stay stuck in a cycle that forces us to pick and choose from options that may not be right for us individually; and people may continue to blame the minor parties for not succeeding versus the system that holds them back.  Would tactics need to change for this to happen?  Definitely, but this does not mean that the parties need to change their platforms.

The United States needs to break the yolk of the 2 party system in order to move our country forward in a system that is run by the people versus a system by oligarchy.  Hopefully the minor parties of the country can at least work together for ballot initiatives where possible to pass election reforms such as Ranked Choice Voting and Independent Redistricting.  Focusing on a few collective proposals could be the change the system needs in order for more people to feel they are truly being represented instead of feeling marginalized just to make the smallest things happen.  There are active groups working on the two initiatives mentioned already, and not all of the choices are going to be exactly what everyone wants in them, but imagine what these proposals could do for the representation of the people.

Over all there may be some things that are wrong with the Libertarian Party, but what an individual may find wrong with it may simply be that it is not the right party for them.  If you are questioning the party you are working with, you can check out  The quiz even lets you see how you align with parties.  Not all parties are listed but the site can help you see what friends you align with too and you can ask them who they work with.  The main thing is to find a group you CAN work with in order to continue to represent you the best.

Kimberly McCurry a former officer of a state Libertarian Party who seeks a serious effort in the Liberty movement in taking over political committees through elections throughout the country.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

DACA - Why Ending the Executive Order is Good, and Why the LP Completely Blew It

Trump's recent executive order to repeal "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" has been making the news lately, with much heated debate between both Democrats and Republicans.

The Libertarian Party recently announced that it was denouncing the end of DACA, completely missing the mark and making themselves look like fools to much of their own party.

Quite honestly, the national party completely blew it. This could have been our time to shine, to point out how flawed the two-party system truly is, and how dangerous legislation through executive mandate can be, that one administration's policies can simply be undone with the stroke of a pen by the next administration, and that without following the process of turning a bill into law, that these executive orders are counter-productive to the welfare of our great nation.

Executive orders are the most removed from representation possible. There's a reason our laws are supposed to be approved by both the House and Senate - to ensure equal representation. Unilaterally implementing an executive order to change the immigration system does not present fair and equal representation of the people.

Our immigration system is very broken, and any executive order such as DACA is just a temporary, short-term fix, which can be easily undone as we've seen in these past few days. We must press Congress to permanently fix our immigration system through legislation. By ending the DACA executive order, congress must now act.

If this was a sudden, abrupt end to DACA, then the LP's article would be much more appropriate. It isn't. This is a 6-month phase-out, giving congress plenty of time to push through legislation to reform our broken immigration system and fix things permanently. Instead, the LP went with the kneejerk "sky is falling" reaction.

In a time when the country is so divided, and every reaction to government actions so polarized, the Libertarian Party could shine as the voice of calm and reason.

But just like when the LP Vice Chair called service members moralless murderers, the national party seems completely out of touch with its members.

Simply put, the LP completely blew it.

The is an opinion piece by Ken Buckler, independent contributor.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Doug Marks Candidate for US Senate Arizona

Doug Marks candidate US Senate of Arizona

Interview August 2017

Doug has held office before in Illinois as city councilman. He will be running as a Libertarian for all of Arizona in 2018.

Here is more information on him.

Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Allen Mathews, 2017 Bremerton, WA City Council candidate and USN Veteran talks Government Financial Accountability and Transparency

Allen Mathews 2017 City Council candidate for Bremerton, WA
Allen Mathews "The Voice of Reason" - 2017 City Council candidate for Bremerton, WA
Allen Mathews is running in 2017 for the city of Bremerton, WA City Council position 1.  You can follow Mathews on Facebook at and visit his website at
DM:  City Council candidate for Bremerton, WA is our guest today for an in-depth look at his campaign and plans. Thank you for joining us, Allen Mathews. Let's start off with a quick recap on what has lead you to this 2017 run and how things have been so far?

AM:  First and foremost, thank you and the LCI for conducting the interview.  What has led me to run in the first place?  Well I would have to say it was finding out about hidden utility taxes.  Former Bremerton city councilman Roy Ruby on and Mr. Robert Parker explained this all to me.  In December the budget for 2017 showed 5.5 million dollars being siphoned off the utilities and into the general fund.  This action submitted the idea to run, I watched the incumbent motion or second then vote yes on every bill that dealt with the text of utilities.  

As far as how things have been campaigning, I guess great considering this is my first time running for public office.  Voters are generally willing to talk and appreciate when you have a dialogue with them.  Because of that dialogue I formed a non partisan platform that no one has complained about.

DM:  Very important reasons to run this year and congratulations on taking the plunge to represent the people of Bremerton, WA. With that said, what other issues do you consider top priority for the city? What issues are you tackling that other candidates are not addressing?

AM:  The other issues that I know haven't been brought up by either opponent is honest governance.  I don't like hidden agendas when I comes to the services that the public pays for.  That even goes into unreasonable justifications for spending.

I want to help develop means of repairing the decaying infrastructure that doesn't revolve around the current crisis management of waiting until there is Grant money.
There is a dire need of a hospital in Bremerton with the CHI Franciscans but our of Harrison Hospital.  I want to work with the council, the mayor and the elected officials of the 23rd and 26th LD to get a second provider in the county to compete with CHI.
Because of the rising homeless and low income population there has been concern about Bremerton housing authority and Kitsap housing authority practices of not ensuring vouchers not staying in their immediate area.  We need to ensure that our local funds stay local.

DM:  Transparency is always a refreshing welcome in politics. Holding true to that; what are your plans on working with your peers on the council and the mayor? There is a lot of work to be completed in Bremerton.

AM:  David I am a USN Veteran, I took an oath twice in my career with the Navy.  City council is no different; there is an oath to uphold and defend the BMC (Bremerton Municipal Code), the RCW's, WAC, USC and the Constitution of the State and USA.  I plan to work with my peers while best representing my voters within the scope of those laws, I plan to hold them accountable to their oaths as they should with me.  This is part of the reason I call myself the Voice of Reason,  If the voters or the fellow members don't particularly like a law, I am willing to help guide them in the right direction to get in contact with those who can change the law, such as State Legislators or Representative Derek Kilmer, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.  And with transparency I am ready to talk to voters on any vote I cast; I actually encourage the criticism that comes with the position.

DM:  If you could tell existing council one thing right now for them to hear about your ideas, what would your message be?

AM:  I have already started building a report with sitting council members who are not at risk of losing their seats, or not up for election.  They know where I stand already on most things.  The most important item is if they can not bring an ordinance change to the utilities on their own, be prepared for a voter initiative that I fully support coming down the road to change the utilities taxes and funding that they cannot control.

DM:  How can citizens contribute towards your campaign? Are you accepting donations or volunteers for your campaign? If so how would they be able to contact you? What social media sites and or websites can you provide for us here?

AM:  Citizens can contribute towards the campaign by cash or PayPal.  I accept any volunteers I can get.  Tiffany Diaz De Leon, Mark Kibler and Alex Williams have all volunteered time to help doorbell and banner wave.  To sign up to volunteer follow the link to the campaign website;  Also there is a Facebook page that you can follow at  There you can find my events message to volunteer, and donate.  Finally if you go to PayPal and select to send money, use the email address

DM:  Mr. Mathews, this has been a pleasure and glad we were able to cover so much detail about your campaign and issues you will be addressing as Bremerton City Council member. Are there any other thoughts or points you would like to leave with those who are watching? You have the floor.

AM:  David thank you for the time to speak.  I am grateful for the support the Kitsap LP had afford me by endorsement, donations and volunteers.  As we get closer to primary date I'll be picking it into high gear to ensure that I am the Voice of District 1 and the Voice of Reason at the Dias.  Thank you again and continue the great work with LCI.

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Editor in Chief for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; and publishes content to other online publications.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Phoenix Arizona DCS(CPS) Families Rally 6/16/2017

 DCS (CPS) Families Rally
Phoenix, AZ

On June 16th, 2017 A group of families who have had their children seized by the Department of Child Safety (DCS/CPS) and other activists took to the streets of Phoenix, AZ. Many of them just want their story heard and for their children to be returned safely. 

This is a huge issue here in Arizona. The state of Arizona doesn't have to have warrants to seize children unlike other states. DCS is loosely regulated and there are stories of abuse of power in various forms during investigations. This has had media coverage for the last year but legislatively nothing has been accomplished. Between 2011 and 2015 there was a sharp increase of children being taken away. 4,500 more children were taken away in 2015 than in 2011. If you look at the numbers you can tell there is a problem. However this is more than just about numbers. This is about rights of parents as well as children. Without seeking warrants (for non life endangered cases) to remove children from their parents homes and severing parental rights this goes against the 4th amendment. There's been cases of abuse in group and foster homes. Some of the abuse has been severe and those numbers continue to rise. While the department has been in trouble before for letting family abuse cases go in the past, they have turned the other direction where they are taking children away for simple issues in the family care. There are many sides to this issue but are these numbers and stories alarming to you? 

Above Part one of the Rally

Above is the start of the Rally going into the detention of a family member Beth Young Breen and AZ Gubernatorial candidate/activist Merissa Hamilton. They were held for most of the day at Maricopa County Jail in Downtown Phoenix after blocking the street during an order to disperse out of the street. Bond was paid and both of them were released by June 17th.

Above Part 2 of the Rally

Above Part 3 of the Rally

Parents speak out 

There was a point where we had to wait for light rail and a signal. This is where parents decided to speak a little on their thoughts on DCS and children being taken from their parents.

Above a vigil and speech in front of City Hall

Sami Stone and the families hold a meeting @ City Hall

This was a meeting that Sami Stone (Chief of staff for Councilmember Sal Diciccio) was hearing the families of the children taken by DCS. This was mostly telling their stories of the seizures and cases. 

For more information and media coverage you can check out the links below. 

AZ Central media coverage

AZ Central Story on Current policy

Graphs and data on DCS

More media coverage on the High rates of Seizure


Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jennifer Hesse, 2017 Everett City Council candidate in Everett, WA focuses on Transparency, Communication, and Voluntarism

Jennifer Hesse, Everett City Council candidate for Everett, WA 2017
Jennifer Hesse, Everett City Council candidate (Position 3) for Everett, WA 2017
Jennifer Hesse is running in 2017 for the city of Everett, WA City Council position 3.  Follow Hesse on Facebook at

DM:  Everett City Council candidate, Jennifer Hesse joins LCI today to talk about her run and what she would like to see happen in Everett.  Thanks for being with us, Jennifer.  What inspired you to run for City Council this year and how has the campaign gone so far?

JH:  ​Hi David, thanks for having me! I am running for city council because Everett residents a​re not being heard by their current representatives.  It is important for us to listen to the communities we are impacting with our decisions and take their opinions into account, especially if we do not live in those neighborhoods.  It is also for this reason I am for districting Everett - Everett city council currently has no member living anywhere near the Berkshire location where they have chosen to put low-barrier housing, which effects only those in the area.

DM:  What are the most important issues you want to deal with as a part of Everett City Council?

JH:  In short - transparency, communication, and districting.

​The people of Everett should be as involved as they wish to be in every step of the decision making process.  Behind the scenes meetings must be properly recorded and available for the public.  I would also like to strengthen the volunteer programs in our area and look into drug crimes as a health concern rather than a legal one.​

DM:  Out of all of the issues, which are in your opinion, not being fairly addressed yet by the Council and how would you like to work with them in getting things changed?

JH:  As I mentioned before, the Berkshire location and low-barrier housing has been a process wrought with problems - transparency, communication, and location of the representatives being chief among them.  From the day I first received an email from a Berkshire neighborhood resident, I listened, visited the area, walked around, and realized exactly what he was saying.  We are paid not to make decisions that help us as individuals, but rather to represent the entire city of Everett.  We need to reach out and go out of our way to understand what the problems are.​

DM:  What are your other plans towards making progress in Everett with other council memebers?

JH: I very much would like to see Everett's social voluntary programs grow, which is something the current members appear to be supportive of.  I would love to work with them and expand these programs.​

DM:  Ideally, what would you like to see accomplished within the first 100 days on council?

JH:  We need to be looking at the decisions made without all facts heard and considered and look into wording of ordinances recently passed to ensure clear language that will not be able to be construed later on.  I have witnessed too many of these issues in this past year and we need to take a step back and fix these problems before we can move forward.​

DM:  If you could give one message to the voters within Everett before they cast their decision by the primary, what would it be?

JH:  Your voice matters, your livelihood matters​, and your safety matters.  I promise to hear everyone's concerns before deciding on any motions.

DM:  For those who would be interested in getting involved with your campaign, donations, and more information, what links can you provide for readers such as Facebook and website?

JH:  Please find me at, where you can contact me directly, view all stances on issues, and respond to any of them. This is a place to agree, disagree, and for all of us to learn.

​I am not fundraising - this is a decision I made based on a huge flaw I have seen in this system for years - thousands of dollars are raised for local elections.  And where does that money go? Into signs and paper that will be thrown away!  I prefer using money by giving to charities that serve our city and its citizens.  If you would like to be involved with my campaign, please give to charities that serve Everett and make a short announcement of support through it, volunteer, and be a voice for your neighborhood.​

DM:  It's been a pleasure to speak with you about your campaign for Everett City Council. Closing, what final information would you like to leave for those reading?

JH:  It would be my pleasure representing you. Please don't hesitate to contact me - let me know what's important to you so that I can fight for you.​  Thank you.

Jennifer Hesse at Thornton A Sullivan Park for Green Everett Partnership (June 17, 2017)
Jennifer Hesse at Thornton A Sullivan Park for Green Everett Partnership (June 17, 2017)

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Editor in Chief for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; and publishes content to other online publications.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Interview with Steve Scheetz candidate for US Congress PA 2018

Interview with Steve Scheetz
candidate for US Congress
District 8 Pennsylvania 2018

Steve Scheetz, Candidate for Congress District 8 of Pennsylvania
Steve Scheetz, Candidate for Congress District 8 of Pennsylvania

Steve ran for congress in 2016 as a Libertarian against Steve Santarsiero a Democrat and Brian Fitzpatrick, A Republican who ended up taking the seat. Mr Scheetz is an activist working on various projects within his community and the Libertarian Party. As he explains above he is working on a project for Justice system reform. He has also held leadership roles within the party. Below is more information about him and his Candidacy. He will be running for US Congress in 2018.

Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.

Phoenix City Community Meeting with Police Chief Jeri Williams

Phoenix, AZ Community Meeting
With Police Chief Jeri Williams
and Concilmember Warring

I was in attendance to this community meeting in my council district in Phoenix. The district is up for election and I have noticed that Jim Warring is running for reelection unopposed. Jeri Williams is new to the department. She started back in October and came from California where she's been in law enforcement for years. She  explains about hiring more officers and talks about the most prolific crimes in the area which is property crimes. Above is a whole video of the meeting. 

Questions on DCS

Arizona has a huge problem right now with DCS (Department of Child Safety (CPS)). They do not currently need warrants per state law. However Police departments may chose their involvement in enforcing laws. There is a separate division in the police department that works directly with DCS called the "Family Investigations Bureau." I was asked by a community member to ask questions related to DCS. I didn't get to ask my second question. She says it plain and simple AZ doesn't need "Warrants" to seize parental rights from parents. Doesn't this go against the 4th amendment and some others? While she went around the question a bit I got contact information and learned more about the Phoenix Police department. Below I have links in support of my claims and information about the department. This is just the beginning of  my coverage on this issue as there was a Rally here last Friday that made the news. 

Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.

Interview with Jilletta Jarvis, 2018 candidate running for Governor of NH

Interview with Jilletta Jarvis, 2018 candidate for 
New Hampshire Governor

Jilletta is running for Governor a second time in 2018. In 2016 she ran against a Libertarian candidate by the name of Max Abramson as an Independent. Also running were Democrat Colin Van Ostern and the GOP candidate who won the seat Chris Sununu. She is fighting for mainly pragmatic issues. Mostly efficiency and well being of taxpayers. Jilletta will be running as  Libertarian for Governor in 2018. There are links to learn more below. 

Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Del McArdle At DCS Policy Meeting

Del McArdle At DCS Policy Meeting
June 7th 2017

I was in attendance at this meeting where the public was invited to speak on the DCS Policy. While there were only a few people who showed up. Del McArdle spoke on the current issues with warrants. This was filmed at the DCS office on Thunderbird.

DCS Policy

DCS Rulemaking

Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.

John Schryvers - Anacortes, Washington for City Council Interview

John Schryvers for
Anacortes, WA City Council 

John Schryvers, Anacortes, WA City Council candidate for 2017
John Schryvers, Anacortes, WA City Council candidate for 2017

Here are some links to learn more about John.

Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Interview with Libertarian Party of King County Chair, Michelle Darnell and Plans for LPKC

Libertarian Party of King County Washington

Interview with Libertarian Party of King County Chair, Michelle Darnell and Plans for LPKC

 Watch the video below:

The Libertarian Party of King County is a newly formed chapter, this year in early 2017.  Michelle Darnell, who has been a semi-regular guest on LCI talks with us once more about LPKC's plans and how Seattle and King County affect the entire state of Washington.

Want to get involved? You can contribute to LPKC in the following ways:

Monthly Donation Support:

One-time Donation Support:


Following LPKC on Facebook:

Michelle Darnell has released the following to accompany this interview, as they are building LPKC and need your help:

Dear Friends of Liberty and Justice,
I know you have had enough of taxes, regulation and stifling oppression.  You feel your freedom slipping away every single day.  You are frustrated to see the homeless on the streets and to be sitting in time sucking traffic.  You don’t know what to do about it though. This letter is your first step!
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  The time has come for us to unite and fight back!
King County is heavily under attack. Barely a day goes by that the headlines don’t speak of an attempt to raise our taxes in order to respond to a crisis.  Homelessness, a failing education system, horrible traffic and income inequality are all used as excuses to for increased taxes and regulation.
Meanwhile our liberty candidates struggle to gain a foothold.
That is what the Libertarian Party of King County (LPKC) hopes to do.
We are building a party apparatus to support liberty minded candidates and influence policy and legislation around King County and in Olympia.  We will leverage data, technology, our resources and a team of passionate and talented people to increase our exposure in our county, reach voters with a positive libertarian message and professionalize our party.
We already have taken the first steps toward our vision.  We have an 11 member board, a website multiple social media channels, several candidates running and donations are already coming in!  
If you want to see what we have been up to, go here: []
We also have thousands of people ready to get to work.  But we need a place to call home, a place to meet, work and store materials.  We also need a full-time director. Most of our team are volunteers, working full-time jobs.  We need one person now dedicated to helping us organize and keep things moving forward.
If I have learned anything in my last 8 years is that politics is a numbers game and:
We have to pay to play.
So help us put our flag in the ground and reclaim King County from the progressive tax and spend agenda that is CREATING poverty and homelessness and disempowering individuals and businesses. Help us build a third party that truly represents YOUR interests and modernizes the way we approach politics in King County. This is how WE win!
As King County goes, so goes the State of Washington.  King County is also the 14th largest county in the country so we are in a strategic position. 
We need your help today to build this. Together we are LIBERTY STRONG!
LPKC is growing VERY quickly.  We need to hire paid staff and secure an office.  This will allow us to take our next steps toward activating volunteers in our community to canvass and assist our candidates this year and hereafter. 
We also want to collaborate with local individual organizations in serving our community as an example of private organizations responding to public problems. In so doing we DISPLACE government.

In fact 10% of our regular contributions will go to charitable efforts.

Would you consider donating $5/25/100 a month to help us achieve our mission? You can set up a regular or onetime donate online at  So help us reach our goal of $10,000. 
Even if you live our side King County you can help us reclaim our county, take back our state and impact our country.  We are building a bench of future congressmen and women and maybe even a President!
Join us today!  Many hands make light work!
I personally promise you, we won’t let you down!  If you ever have a concern or suggestion you can contact me at
So what are you waiting for? Lets get this party started!
We thank you in advance for your support!  Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to grow our organization, support our candidates and serve our community.
So help us reach our goal of $10,000.  Many hands make light work!
BE the change,
Michelle Darnell, Chair
Libertarian Party of King County
Donation Link:

P.S. Please make sure to check our website for other opportunities, events and candidate information or subscribe to our monthly newsletter at
You can view some of our previous appearances of Michelle Darnell at the links below:

LCI Exclusive: "Liberty Rocks Seattle" - Libertarian Party of King County WA Event 4.13.2017 Featuring Local Candidates and LPKC Speakers:

Libertarian Party of King County, WA Chapter Convention Launch 3.18.2017 (Including Interview with LPWA Chair candidate, Randy McGlenn):

LCI Exclusive: 60 Minutes w/ Michelle Darnell 2016 -L 48th House of Reps candidate in WA State:

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Editor in Chief for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; and publishes content to other online publications.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A “right” to health care? A “right” to a job? These are Euro-Socialist Rights by Jeff Jared

A “right” to health care? A “right” to a job? These are Euro-Socialist Rights by Jeff Jared
A “right” to health care? A “right” to a job? These are Euro-Socialist Rights by Jeff Jared
We the People sincerely hope for a society where: (1) no individual lives at a level of poverty below a certain minimum (1) (2) no individual who is capable goes without a job2 (3) no individual goes without adequate health care (3) (4) no individual goes without adequate education (4) (5) no individual gets paid less for equal work (5) (6) no individual goes without social security or pensions (6) (7) no individual goes without leisure, recreation, vacations and holidays with pay (7) and (8) no individual is privately discriminated against. (8)
But the well-intentioned elevation of these ideals to "rights" would be counterproductive and directly violate the Principle of Individual Consent, thus ultimately showing disrespect for the individual and the concept of equally applicable universal human rights. For these laudable ideals are "positive" rights which ultimately and logically lead to a property claim on things that other individuals already have prior inalienable rights to. 
Such positive rights cannot be retained equally by all, thus they violate the principle of equal protection of the laws (Art. I, Sect. 1, Subsect. 7). Some people in wealthier societies, for example, would have "more" rights. But universal rights, by definition, are equal and timeless for all humans everywhere. 
By elevating ideals to the status of rights, we tend to trivialize and inflate the notion of basic rights. "Negative" universal rights are really just rights from government coercion-interference (or coercion-interference from anyone else); they do not require anything to be actively done by government, only that governments passively refrain from doing anything. 
A right to contract, for example, (Art. I, Sect. 1, Subsect. 5) does not mean government will guarantee an individual a contract for something; it merely means that a government shall not impair the obligation of contract (9) while it is in the process of forming or once it has already been undertaken between two or more consenting and capable adults. 
A right to free speech doesn't mean the gov't must provide a website to you at no cost; it just means if you get one up and running, it can't take it down.    
Social rights are prohibited because they require a right to something (usually the time, money, or property of another individual) that another individual already has prior rights to.  Money--before taxation--belongs to the individual--as an extension of his body when he "mixed" his labor with property,10 and/or as a result of earning it through a consensual labor contract.  Government actually produces nothing itself; it only takes via taxation.
Finally, giving government the moral mandate to operate a social welfare state also, unfortunately, gives it the opportunity to ever-expand.  Universal, natural, individual human rights precede the state; they are not derived from it as social rights are. 

If giving money or time is to help a fellow human being and is voluntary, then it is no longer taxation but, rather, compassionate, charitable and loving gift-giving. This kind of love, not more taxation, is the solution to our mutual human problems. And the intermediary private institutions of civil society including but not limited to church, labor organization, insurance pool, neighborhood association, community, club and family will provide these if left alone by government. 
We the People hold once and for all that the superstitious 19th and 20th century belief that only governments can help the poor, underprivileged, unfortunate, and disabled is an outdated anachronism. We the People can and will take care of each other if left free to do so by governments. 
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This contribution is from Washington-based independent journalist and Lawyer, Jeff Jared of the Law Office of Jeff E. Jared.