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Millennials See Beyond Two Parties and Reject Insanity by David Malekar

Presidential candidates Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)

Militant Far Left and Far Right people online are quick to talk in such a disrespectful Manner towards Green, Libertarian, or Constitution Party candidates, that only want to help fix things.

Meanwhile, they'll blindly worship without even questioning Republican or Democratic candidates, or go full Stockholm Syndrome and justify things like more unnecessary war, expansion of oppressive items in Government  (NDAA, PATRIOT ACT), regulations that prevent charities and nonprofits from helping people, tax dollars going towards weapons that will end up killing citizens by public servants, etc.

How do you reason with that?

Telling Third-party candidates that they're nothing (when they want to fix things), but repeatedly voting in people, who hurt them and others.

That sounds like insanity to me.

Mark my words, Millennials control the votes now; and they do their research on candidates online. Those who are trapped in the false left/right paradigm are fading away. The ones who think you can only vote Republican or Democratic are trapped, by their own mind alone.

If voting by the masses is what determines our leaders; why would you willingly continue to vote for the "lesser of two evils" on the sole reason of "I have to, or the other bad guy will win."

These people are literally their own worst enemy, in this sense.

I am grateful that Millennials broke that mindset and within 16 years, you will have a Socialist or Libertarian President. Within 8 years, you will see an even more dominate rise of Third-party Congressmen, House Representatives, Mayors, Governors, etc.

I can not encourage all of you enough, to go and vote Third-party, just for the sake of breaking the duopoly that is currently in place. With all of the information of man within your pocket these days, there's no excuse to not know who your candidates are in your area, or nationally. There's no excuse to not vote outside a group of “more of the same” and worse. A Third-party candidate can not make it any worse than it is now. I thank you for those who get this, and for those of you who will get this eventually.

- David Malekar

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Lead Contributor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Erin Adams (L), Oklahoma House candidate for the 33rd District Wants and Plans for Accountability and Transparency in Government

Erin Adams, Libertarian Candidate for District 33's House in Oklahoma

The interviewee Erin Adams, is running for House of Representatives - District 33 in Oklahoma as Libertarian.  You can find more information on Erin on Facebook and follow on Twitter at @ErinAdams4OK. Interviewer is Lead Contributor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar.

DM:  Thank you Erin for giving readers a chance to see what your campaign and platform is all about.  Let's start with what position you are running for and location?

EA:  I am running for State House district 33 In Oklahoma.

On the issues:

House Bill 2275 allows The state to collect your DNA at the time of arrest for many charges without a warrant or a probable cause hearing. While I understand the intent of the bill to be well meaning, the language MUST be amended to read "only after a probable cause hearing has found it to be justified."

The war on drugs costs American tax payers $500.00 per second. If elected I will introduce legislation to end the high price paid by the citizens of Oklahoma in both taxes and personal freedom.

I do not believe it is in the best interest of the people of the state of Oklahoma for us to continue taxing groceries. Between the state income tax and Oklahoma's tax on the purchase of food for home consumption, It's clear to me that the state puts a claim on your right to feed yourself and your family. If elected, I will sponsor legislation to end Oklahoma's food tax

DM:  What has brought you to the 2016 campaign trail?

EA:  What brought me on the campaign trail? For the first time in 16 years I can finally not only register as a libertarian in Oklahoma but also run. It was time

DM:  It appears already that you are a supporter of Criminal Justice Reform and look to make some changes in the right direction towards personal safety and freedom.  What else can be done to help mend the relations between Public Servants and Citizens in that regard, and accountability?

EA:  I think we need to end self investigation. We cannot trust any agency to investigate itself. In the private sector, the government will not allow a manufacturer or a business to audit itself, so why do we allow the government to do so? We need independent investigators in cases of possible police misconduct or government malfeasance for starters. We also need to improve our dialogue.

DM:  Secrecy by those who are supposed to represent the people is and has been an ongoing issue for too long.  What other measures of transparency can we know will happen with an Erin Adams in office?

EA:  We welcome public review of our campaign finances. If elected, I plan on holding Quarterly town halls in my district to allow constituents an opportunity to review any up coming issues  and how I plan to vote on each of them.

Erin Adams with 2012 and 2016 Libertarian Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson

DM:  What are your plans for local Education?  What can be done to improve the resources and options?

EA:  I would love to see consolidation in the upper end. Administrative costs are out of hand. The money needs to follow the student and the department of education needs to be phased out

DM:  What types of options of schooling would you like to see take the D.O.E. place?

EA:  We didn't have a DOE until Former President Carter Gifted us with one. I see no reason that we cant still have public schools without a DOE however I believe we would see private schools popping up everywhere to offer true free market competition to our current public schools. The winners in this would be our children.

DM:  Many may be hesitant to see the D.O.E. be broken down overnight. Would we see a transition to ease the minds of those concerned? Such as green lighting after a certain about of alternatives declare they are prepared for the capacity?

EA:  Yes. Here in Oklahoma I would like to us start with consolidating the "upper" end. Currently in Oklahoma, we have a superintendent for EVERY district and we have a district for almost every town. Pink Oklahoma will graduate 9 students next spring but we pay a  superintendent and staff  for that district. We are top heavy and the victims in that are our students and our teachers. I would like to see a voucher program where the money truly followed the student.

DM:  The spending problem seems to be an issue with overhead, in Education nationally.  Is there any other wasteful spending that you would like to see changed within your District?  I know we touched on this a little in the beginning of our Q&A.

EA:  There are many areas where we see this at the state level. Oklahoma currently faces a huge deficit. In 2016 if we look at spending, we see 9.9 billion on Education, 2.1 Billion on Protection, 2.9 Billion on transportation, 1.6 billion on welfare, 2.7 billion in pensions, and right around 8 billion in health care. I think ALL of these programs would benefit from reduction in overhead. Additionally we spend tax payer money litigating things we simply cant win. The Law suit with Colorado is a black hole of waste financially. The multiple suits concerning the ten commandments statue at the capitol continue to drain the coffers and the tax payers continue to be legislated into deeper poverty.

Erin Adams at the Libertarian National Convention 2016

DM:  People are really going to take notice of your campaign based off your stances and willingness to make changes for the better.  How can readers/citizens get involved to help you with your campaign?  What social media links can you provide for those who want to follow you, or links to volunteer/donate?

EA: and @ErinAdams4OK on Twitter

To Donate:

DM:  The media generally has an agenda when interviewing candidates.  I wanted to give you the floor and discuss any other item(s) that you may not have the chance to speak on, with other outlets.  At this time, feel free to take it away.

EA:  House Bill 2275 allows The state to collect your DNA at the time of arrest for many charges without a warrant or a probable cause hearing. While I understand the intent of the bill to be well meaning, the language MUST be amended to read "only after a probable cause hearing has found it to be justified.". Anytime we allow Government to erode civil liberties in the name of "safety" we open the  door  to elimination of our own Liberties.

I want to address what some see as the Elephant in the room. I can't tell you how many times I hear something like , “ A vote for a third party is a wasted vote” or , “ if you vote third party you are giving the election to (whomever you don't like the most)”.

Lets talk about that.
I want to remind the “lesser of two evils” crowd, that the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Lets talk about what a vote is. A vote is our way of communicating a preference in candidates.
It is a way to communicate and as a candidate, what your vote says , if you cast it for me, is that, mostly, you support the stances I am taking. That you and I agree. When you cast a vote for a candidate you do not agree with, one you do not support, you are essentially miss-communicating. You are telling the candidate you voted for that you agree with and support them. Do you?

A “Third Party” candidate might not win the election, true enough, but casting your vote for a candidate NOT from the big two DOES send a clear message that business as usual isn't working for you any more. It tells everyone else running that you DID Not support their beliefs.

If politics as usual is working for you, awesome, vote the same way you always have. If it isn't, remember, if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten.

DM:  We look forward to following up with you again as November draws closer.  What final thoughts would you like to leave with readers and voters?

EA:  We all want a “Revolution,” a cause to get behind, a “community” that we feel a part of. Call it human nature or whatever other “title” you want, it’s important for us to feel at one with…..well…something. Most generations find a “cause” and those who have a tougher time doing so seem to create one.

From our country’s inception, Americans have come together for a multitude of these causes. I’d bet most of you can name more than a few. The Beatles gave us the lyrics:
“You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world”
And it’s really true, we DO all want to change the world.

The “trouble” comes when we can’t agree on how to do it. Most of us want the same things, but we spend so much time infighting about the methods that nothing really changes.

I want a revolution, I do, I want to see a world where we all agree that my rights stop where yours start, and vice versa.

Where we can understand that it isn’t okay to hurt people or take their stuff. I want to live in a world where we all agree that the initiation of force to achieve social or political goals is not okay and we can agree not only to apply that ourselves, but to apply it to group actions, including government actions, as well. If you want the same revolution I do, Please, look into the Libertarian party.

Thank you so much for speaking with me!

In Liberty,

Erin Adams

Erin Adams, Libertarian Candidate for District 33's House in Oklahoma
 This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Lead Contributor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications. The interviewee Erin Adams, is running for House of Representative - District 33 in Oklahoma as Libertarian.  You can find more information on Erin on Facebook and follow on Twitter at @ErinAdams4OK.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Why Wages Aren’t Rising by Jeff Jared

Why Wages Aren’t Rising by Jeff Jared

Why aren’t wages rising like they used to, when they were the source of the American Dream for millions? Well, because the natural power balance/equilibrium between labor and management has been artificially distorted by gov’t to favor owners over workers.

Owners of the means of production (a Marxist phrase, but one can use it w/out advocating communism) / the banks / the lenders / the stock owning class (20% of Americans) / the capital controllers / big business owners are artificially gaining an advantage to keep the wealth of America swirling around the top rather than torrenting down, like it would in a truly free market. The economic rules, with the aid of gov’t, have rigged it in favor of the upper class against the middle & working classes.

By the natural equilibrium / balance of power between labor & management being tilted toward owners and away from laborers. We’ve a class of debtors now in America living paycheck to paycheck. Economic distortions favoring the well-to-do stagnate wages. This is a classic example of the market not working because of gov’t meddling in the economy, and its slamming the poor & middle classes.

How is this done, you ask?

The Fed’s holding down interest rates and bailouts subsidize the investment class at the expense of workers. The Federal Reserve Bank artificially holds down interest rates which favors banks. Bailouts privatize profits, but socialize losses--meaning taxpayers pay bankers. Same for FDIC subsidized bank insurance. Subsidized insurance subsidizes risk. Bankers & owners benefit, while workers suffer.

But liberals and unions have missed this point, instead wrong-headedly focusing on the minimum wage--which hurts the very people its designed to help. Focusing on ending the Fed and its ugly sister, crony capitalism, would do far more for workers than any gov’t intervention in the economy. Economics 101 should teach us all that.

A free market wouldn’t tilt like this in favor of elites, and wages, correspondingly would rise like they naturally should in a free enterprise society.

This contribution is from Washington-based independent journalist and Lawyer, Jeff Jared of the Law Office of Jeff E. Jared.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

John Frostad -L in Washington State's 31st District Candidate talks Critical Change needed, Small Business, Education and More

John Frostad
The interviewee John Frostad, is running for State Representative - District 31 in Washington State as Libertarian.  You can find more information on John at the website and follow on Facebook at Interviewer is Lead Contributor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar.

DM:  Welcome to the Liberty Chronicle Independent, John.  Let's dive in right away; what's your position you're running for and why?

JF:  I am running for State Representative for the 31st legislative district. I have recognized the increasing frustration that people have been having with growing government. People have been talking for the last several years about the top 1% of Americans, but what about the bottom 1%?  There are a ton of government laws, rules, and regulations that are preventing the advancement of the poor, the addicted, and the troubled. That is my primary motivation to run.

DM:  I'm glad to see you running with a focus on those who are struggling, in mind. Libertarians have had a stereotype placed upon them as not caring about those who are less fortunate within their communities, but we see that is the exact opposite with candidates (especially at the state and local levels).  Let's talk about how you plan on changing things locally for your district. What regulations are holding your community back, for example.

JF:  There is a lot we can do. Zoning and land use laws are often prohibitive for affordable, alternative housing construction. For many, criminal records are a huge obstacle to employment and secure housing for themselves and their families. We need an efficient way for people to clear their records when they have served out their sentencing. Many occupational licenses were created by industries simply to decrease new entries into the field. We need to eliminate some licenses and greatly reduce requirements for others. Many who are struggling to find employment, might otherwise make employment for themselves. We've made it far more difficult than it needs to be to start a very small scale enterprise or simply to do odd jobs until you can land regular employment. As you can see, there are a lot of things we can do to provide access to the things most people get to enjoy, but those that are struggling do not.

DM:  These are answers we would not traditionally hear.  It's certainly the age of thinking outside of the box.  How do you plan on helping empower local education options? Trade/Charter Schooling, etc.

JF:  I think schools succeed when they meet the needs of their local communities. I think school districts should have general directives from a state level,  but broad authority as to how to implement them on a local level. I think parents, teachers, administrators, and the community at large should be able to steer their schools on a local level. I am supportive of charter schools, voucher programs, Running Start programs, and the like as alternatives available to parents and students. Diversity in education is absolutely a necessity to ensure that all kids have an environment where they can thrive.

DM:  What are your plans in regards to small business?  What can small businesses expect as far as tax breaks or deregulation that could be currently crippling them?

JF:  I have been a small business owner for 20 years, I can empathize with a lot of what we all deal with. When I see large corporations getting billions of dollars in tax breaks, it raises my blood pressure. Those tax breaks mean tax liabilities for the rest of us business owners. We need fair taxation of business across the board not tax punishments for small businesses and tax perks for the politically well-connected corporations.

Hiring each employee is a very stressful decision for any small business. It is a big commitment. Forces in Washington are trying to make that decision even more complicated. Hiring en employee creates a lot of paperwork, financial liability, and complications. Terms of employment should be negotiated by the employee or union, not legislated.

DM:  It's been very informative speaking with you, John. Readers will appreciate all of your efforts. What social media links, websites, how to volunteer or donate to the campaign are you able to provide?

JF:  People can reach me via my website or connect with me on

DM:  Excellent. We'd love to follow up with you as election time draws closer. What final thoughts would you like to leave with the readers and voters?

JF:  It is a new day in politics and people are starting to see a third way emerging. People need to see that the Libertarian party is a pro-people party, because we are. We reject the politics of fear, greed, and self-interest that have polluted our legislative process. We can further the interests of people without the government playing new roles, creating new powers, or raising taxes. I am looking forward to being that voice in Olympia.

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Lead Contributor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publicationsThe interviewee John Frostad, is running for State Representative - District 31 in Washington State as Libertarian.  You can find more information on John at the website and follow on Facebook at

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Libertarian Party mourns slain officers in Baton Rouge - Press Release by Libertarian Party

For immediate release
July 18, 2016

Libertarian Party mourns slain officers in Baton Rouge

ALEXANDRIA — Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, states, "The events in Baton Rouge are heartbreaking and we all mourn with the people of Baton Rouge as they grapple with the loss of innocent lives."

"After every tragedy, people rightfully want to find the cause and prevent future tragedies. Many will use this event to call for gun control and more laws. However, the real solution here would be fewer laws."

Sarwark continues, "If we truly want to reduce situations in which police are pitted against the people they are sworn to protect, we would end the war on drugs. The constant escalation of prohibitionist policies have increasingly pitted police and citizens against each other for decades and are largely responsible for the militarization of police forces across America.

"Ending the violence means ending the policies that lead to black and grey markets, the highest incarceration rate in the world, and reduced economic opportunities in the formal labor market for huge swaths of Americans. Ending the violence means ending the war on drugs.

"Ending the drug war will do more to heal the divide between police and citizens than any other measure. It is the best way to save lives: both those of innocent police officers and innocent citizens."

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America devoted to protecting all rights of all human beings all the time. As part of this mission, the Libertarian Party seeks a minimal set of just laws that defend the rights of individuals and are equally applied to all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why We Should Rally Around Gary Johnson by Avery Hufford

Why We Should Rally Around Gary Johnson

by Avery Hufford

Gary Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld are gaining lots traction in our current political election. This is for obvious reasons. Donald trump has divided the GOP, while Clinton continues to be the “Washington money“ pick and right hand puppet for the globalists. Bernie Sanders just endorsed Clinton and ruined his “revolution”. Who is left? Well just about the most controversial candidate of the 21st century after Ron Paul. Gary Johnson is attempting to have a third option available to Americans who are FED up (pun intended). You can read about him just about anywhere on the internet but this article is for those other libertarians out there that aren't ready to stand with him and Weld. 

     Many libertarians are not willing to accept some of his very controversial standpoints. Believe me, I wasn't thrilled to hear him say that his feelings of "Killary" are moderate and that the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is a good idea. The Nazi baker cake incident didn't leave a good taste in my mouth. Now we can cry about how Peterson would have been the better pick, or we can realize something. Right now, people are interested in the libertarian party. It is in fact, a party. We have a collection of principles we want to promote and we can only do so ambiguously through candidates we attempt to collect. Gary doesn't stand with all of us on everything. The truth is, that he's good enough to have people of political persuasions typing into their Google search bar, “ libertarian party”.

     People want all or nothing, and take it from a radical at heart, I want it all too. The thing is, for the most part you can never change too much as a president anyway (thank God with the idea of Hillary entering office). Gary and Bill I do not believe will win, but that's not what it's about. Chances are very much against Gary and Bill. So were they against Ron.  Did that change what happened? Look, I understand Gary is no Ron; but his name and how he is influencing people to look into what a libertarian is, that is what we need to rally behind. 

    He is the the moderate candidate we need. Odds are not in his favor at all. He is there to help rally new people to listen to us libertarians and liberty minded democrats and republicans. The green party folk are just a step behind us. Though they do not hold many principles the same as libertarians, we have to realize people show up to the door for all different reasons. I used to be a big democrat who voted for Obama. I started paying attention to the green party and Cynthia McKinney  when disappointed with the democrats. Now I am here. People are coming around, and the pragmatism and moderate style Gary and Bill are promoting will do so. Do not be a cynic on the bench while the game is being played.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bathrooms, Cakes, Gays and Nazi's

Bathrooms, Cakes, Gays and Nazi's
I keep getting asked about my thoughts on the issue of Religious Freedom, Gays, Jews, Cakes, Christians, Nazi's, and Trans Folk in the Bathroom. I am no Libertarian Scholastic but I will try to write a cogent response. We really need to give this some careful thought. This is not about "sound-bites" but important historical and Historic ideas... I think Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson is correct on this: ( and (

I think all this talk of "force" is misdirected. Denying someone access to bathrooms, "forcing" someone to bake a cake or "forcing" someone not to, depending on one's point of view is not really the issue. Complying with the law is. Yes, laws are the use of force for Citizen compliance. But Citizens make the Social Compact to institute those laws. People don't seem to get that these are Civil Liberty issues based clearly on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They also really don't seem to understand Jim Crow and the Segregated South.

Free markets can definitely influence public standards. We buy products to support causes and ideas we care about. However, when the free market is causing/codifying the problem laws get made/changed. Just ask women why they can now get a home loan in their own name whereas 60 years ago they couldn't.

The Libertarian Party (LP) anti-Johnson crowd need to stop being Libertarian purist, fighting hypothetical what ifs and start realizing there is a spectrum of convictions and principle. Or shall I not allow the interracial couple to be my customer as well? We forget the moral reasons the Civil Rights Act was passed against the will of many for the good of all.  I am certain that such a statement is frustrating for hardcore Libertarians to hear.

I also observe how so many of the naysayers are white, male and some are also unshackled modern women.  I find the irony especially rich when it comes from women benefitting from the civil rights won by those who paid dearly for it. The irony indeed! They would still be sitting in the back of the Patriarchal bus.  This should not be hard to grasp. Just put yourself in 1960’s America: 1) a time some would say was more free and Liberty minded than we are today. 2) You are young/LGBT/Black/Female/Hispanic etc 3)  Are you okay with how you, as a minority, are being treated?  Would you want the Civil Rights Act? It's that simple. Everything else from bakers, cakes, Christians,  Jews and LGBT Rainbows are simply an appropriate continuation of it.

Some contend it was the fault of governments in the first place for having passed racist laws to begin with. That Markets would have stopped discrimination eventually.  That market forces were already deconstructing the segregated South and Govt messed it up with the Civil Rights Act. If that is true just look at how difficult it is to get Chevron or Mobile, Ford or GM etc. to move off fossil fuel towards renewables. In a mixed economy how long should we wait?  How long did Minority America have to wait?
The Federal Civil Rights Act is what made the discriminatory State, County, City laws illegal and it gave them the order to cease and desist. Not markets. Please note I am fully aware of the importance of the Civil Rights boycotts but it was the Federal law that put minorities on an equal footing. The market promoted what the laws sanctioned and the laws sanctioned what the markets promoted... and vice versa.

These were (and are) the denial of basic civil rights to minorities. The Federal gov't had to step in. What was being done to blacks, gays, women, mentally disabled etc. was morally WRONG. It is the same with Trans Bathroom fears and Nazi cakes. Libertarians should want to limit Government but not the moral defense of others who the market exploits. Just look at the predatory banking  called "payday loans" and "car title loans" that exploit segments of our population based upon their desperation…

These attached advertisements illustrate market sanctioned, codified discrimination and denigration. Talk Jews, Gays, Cakes, Gender Queer and Nazis all you want but it's all academic personal nonsense unless you're the minority. These are Civil Libertarian issues. The picture below is of me and my family. Trans Bathroom issues are no different. I'm not a monster. I'm not a Predator. Fear of predatory behavior is a false distraction away from the real issues of Civil Rights.  Teach kids about "Stranger Danger", Teach them about "Personal Space". Prosecute sexual predators and abusive behavior. Don't teach kids a stereotype. It won't prepare them. It will scare them.

All of this is about safety.  Both for the non Gender Queer person and for  the LGBT Community. Phobic men  tend to be angry violent men and women can be just as predatory. We are shocked to hear so many stories of female teachers sleeping with their young students because of false stereotypes. We cannot let fear and bigotry take away the hard fought Liberties of all including those of the LGBT Community. Cultural Conservatives need to understand these "bathroom" laws are about propriety. Let Gender Queer folk use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender being presented.

We look back and say "market forces" would have stopped the segregated racist. The chauvinism. The reality is that they didn't. Libertarian is not Libertine. It is not license to be mercenary, oppressive bigots. Libertarianism must allow at some point for the codified response to a harm being done. Otherwise our “do no harm” motto is worthless.  We seek equality of treatment. Not outcomes.  We seek Equality of access to goods, services and transactions. Not of purchasing quantity. People have different levels of income so not everyone can purchase or sell at the same levels. They do however deserve an equal footing before the law. If Johnson is wrong on this then it's back to pre 1964 America.

A right is what is granted to us by the God of Nature as legally decreed in the Bill of Rights. A law is what is used to stop those rights from being enjoyed by all. In the case of the Civil Rights Act it is law used to restore what was denied. Redress is given to Citizens by the Courts and Legislature via higher statutes of Federal law as established by the Constitution and the precedent history of the Supreme Court.

Johnson's stand is absolutely Libertarian. Libertarianism is first an ethos before it is a political and economic ideal.  The ethos is equal standing before the law. If we don't grasp this then perhaps naysayers are Anarchist? Or to turn the argument in on itself they cannot be Libertarian because they are denying equal standing before the law to those they disagree with. They do so by denying the valid use of law to redress obstructions to the Bill of Rights. Sweeping away Civil Liberties by negating the Constitutional use of law is not Libertarian but Anarchist and almost Fascist.

Equality of treatment before the law (not the guarantee of equal outcomes) is a moral imperative and the first thing needed to pursue Liberty.  Period.  Social Justice is the moral voice that should shout loudest when equal treatment is denied to others guaranteeing them an outcome of social submission.

The saddest of ironies would be that we the Party who generally oppose Liberal ideas of guaranteed equal outcomes but support the right of all to equal opportunity are now in some ways the ones guaranteeing the outcome and denying the opportunity.
The final impetus for the above letter came from this article calling for Gov. Johnson to step aside:

Why I am voting Gov. Gary Johnson, President by Chaplain Scott Scrimshaw

Why I am voting Gov. Gary Johnson, President

By Chaplain Scott Scrimshaw

As an American citizen, I believe he represents the best in American ideals and will act in accordance with America’s best interests. I applaud his choice of  Governor Bill Weld as Vice-President. Johnson stands uncompromisingly for the Bill of Rights, Our Constitution and Our American Enterprise. Gov. Johnson has a measurable record of proven success. He clearly understands the threat posed by Sharia law, Terrorism, Aggressor Nations and our $20 trillion dollar National Debt. He is a maverick among conformist, a principled moderate amidst extremist and a mature, calming voice in shrill times. His defense of personal privacy and property is in keeping with the highest of American values. His support of long standing Conservation practices and technological innovation give me hope for a truly sustainable future.

As a US Navy Veteran,  I see that he understands the reality of a fully funded, modern military for the defense of our Nation, our Interests and our Allies. Gov. Johnson  stands firmly against Regime change and Nation building. I see him as the best candidate to keep members of our Armed Services ready at all times while limiting loss of life and limb. His is the Statesmanship and temperament I want to see in a Commander in Chief.

As a Community Chaplain, I see his  refusal to engage in political muckraking speaking volumes. His empathy for those incarcerated in the “War on Drugs” his evidence based approach for harm reduction are hallmarks of a compassionate leader.  His consistent defense of Civil Liberties, his steadfast support for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the LGBT community is in keeping with the ideals of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Gov. Johnson is a voice of civility and tolerance. His conviction is welcomed in our shared faith communities.

As a small business owner, I saw my businesses in New Mexico come into existence through simplified and streamlined requirements. I saw them thrive in a favorable tax climate and I saw them grow and expand largely because of extensive road projects in important corridors of commerce, connecting distant cities and smaller markets.

As a father, my children were the direct beneficiaries of his pioneering Charter Schools. Their public education has equipped each of them to succeed. Merit based Lottery scholarships for College have furthered that success. His Health care and Social services policies enabled my children to have insurance and our community to have a safety net.

As a Libertarian I know Libertarian thought is a spectrum of ideas. Gov. Johnson is a Libertarian in every sense of the word. He is also a leader experienced in the world of practical application. His has the ability to inspire others from diverse backgrounds to join in the cause of Liberty. His refusal to think in terms of single issue dynamics while remaining true to a Libertarian framework is sage wisdom. It ensures a Nation strengthened by a broad center and not rendered ineffective by its fractious edges.

It is time for the Libertarian Party to lead the way as America enters into a new political era. The era of the third party. I wholeheartedly endorse Governors Johnson and Weld. They represent the spirit of America that I know, and that I hope others will remember.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Scott D. Scrimshaw
Hood River, Oregon
Chair, Oregon for Gary Johnson
Volunteer Chaplain, Johnson/Weld Faith Coalition

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Washington State Snohomish County Open Candidate Forum 7.10.2016 (Topics Include Criminal Justice Reform, Homelessness Epidemic in Washington, and much more)

Washington State Snohomish County

Open Candidate Forum 7.10.2016 

The following contribution and live coverage was from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Brian & Mike Luke and Scott Stafne

Main topics of discussion during the forum were Criminal Justice Reform, Homelessness in Seattle and Washington, fighting Cronyism and many other hot issues of today.  Be sure to check out all of the candidates who appeared and their following Facebook/websites below.

  Part 1
Part 2
Tim Turner - Secretary of State candidate

Michael Scott - House of Representatives District 10

Justin Murta - Insurance Commissioner

Alex Hels - 21st District Sate Rep Position 1

Bruce B. Guthrie - 21st District Sate Rep Position 2

Alex Hart - 32nd District State Rep

Shane Driscoll - 38th District State Rep

Michelle Darnell - 48th District House of Rep

Mike Luke - Senate

Brian Luke - Congress

Scott Stafne -  Congress

From the Invite:

Snohomish County Federal Candidates Forum

Sunday, July 10th, 2016
2:30pm – 4:30pm

Everett Public Library
2702 Hoyt
Everett, WA 98201

This event is not sponsored by the Everett Public Library.

This will be a forum for Libertarian Federal Candidates in Snohomish County: Mike Luke (U.S. Senate), Scott Stafne (1st Congressional District), and Brian Luke (2nd Congressional District). A question and answer session will follow opening statements.

Also Speaking will be Libertarian Statewide Executive and Snohomish County State Legislative District Candidates.

Parking Information: The Everett Public Library on Hoyt has a public parking garage. Furthermore, there is parking on the streets and nearby pay parking lots.

This Event is Planned by 2nd Congressional District Candidate Brian Luke.

An Open Letter to American Evangelicals by Chaplain Scott Scrimshaw

An Open Letter to American Evangelicals
by Chaplain Scott Scrimshaw
“This meeting marks the end of the Christian Right,” Michael Farris, a national homeschooling pioneer and longtime figure of the Christian Right, wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday. He noted that he was present at the first gathering of the Moral Majority in 1980: “The premise of the meeting in 1980 was that only candidates that reflected a biblical worldview and good character would gain our support. … Today, a candidate whose worldview is greed and whose god is his appetites (Philippians 3) is being tacitly endorsed by this throng. … This is a day of mourning.” ~The Washington Post 

When Michael Farris wrote those words concerning a recent gathering of top evangelical leaders, it struck a deep resonant chord within me. I knew on a gut level his words were absolutely true. To put things in perspective, I have been a Christian since high school, a former L'Abri student of Dr. Francis Schaeffer, an early volunteer organizer in the 1988 Pat Robertson Presidential bid and a supporter of his post bid formation of the Christian Coalition. I was a “Contract with America” Gingrich Republican who could appreciate the Blue Dog Democrats. Truth be told, I was an “I already miss Reagan” Republican.

However, as I continued in my Christian pilgrimage I learned things about Jesus, myself and my many Christian brothers and sisters. Life in the “real world” of ministry kept putting me at odds with the Republican Party and the evangelical base dominating it. Both were becoming more dishonest and manipulative, more authoritarian and exacting on social issues and less gracious in policy. Law was destroying grace.

Furthermore, increased government and taxation were hindering freedom and innovation. We are meant to be creative and enterprising, and yet I saw our creativity being stifled! The politics of war and NSA spying fostered fear and suspicion of “the other.”  We are also meant to live in community and to associate freely with others, but that was becoming strained by the isolationism and fear-mongering that was running rampant. I began wondering if the Church was losing touch with its Gospel message. I felt I was becoming a man without a church, and a voter without a party.

For me, the final straw was Donald Trump. Not simply Trump's campaign persona but also how it revealed the impoverished state of Republican rank and file members of Congress.  Furthermore, the absence of our political and spiritual leadership speaking out against Mr. Trump’s behavior and rhetoric was shocking to me.  It astounds me that the evangelical heroes of my youth would end up endorsing him. I feel compelled to speak out. Think about this:  If you or I—as a student at Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s Liberty University, or on the airwaves of James Dobson's Focus on the Family or as a staff member in a Ralph Reed’s or a Mike Huckabee’s church—were to speak or behave as Trump has, we’d be resoundingly disciplined. If I were in a staff position, I'd be removed from ministry. Fired.

By constantly choosing the lesser of two evils, America has been reduced to the bottom of the barrel. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the end result. And we, the evangelical Church, are in bed with this? Where are our spiritual elders? Why are they not speaking out? This has caused us, as a nation, to re-evaluate who and what we are. But that’s a good thing. It certainly caused me to take a solid look at Governor Gary Johnson. When Governor Bill Weld became his running mate, I stopped looking back. I chose to look at what I can support in these Libertarian candidates and discovered there is much in this two-Governor ticket that I can rally behind.

1) Governor Johnson epitomizes integrity and honesty. “There is no self-righteous agenda in his campaign or in his resume.” ( His book, Seven Principles of Good Government, belies a genuine humility. His “free market enterprise” approach to economics and innovation ardently denounces the corruption of today's cronyism. Capitalism, with its self-empowering abilities, has become a distorted abomination supported by the Clintons and Trumps of the world. Johnson opposes both crony capitalism and the corrupt, compromising relationship of Congress to lobbyists. He is a consistent advocate for term limits and the reduction of political corruption they have engendered.

2) Governor Johnson takes a solid stand for religious freedom. We as Christians are absolutely feeling the ever increasing pressure. Thankfully, Governor Johnson has a high respect and strong view of both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s that view which enables him to routinely re-examine himself while continuing to stand firm for things as important as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He also makes no apologies for the 2nd Amendment. In other words, Johnson is a constitutionalist and a true civil libertarian. On the other hand, neither Trump nor Clinton can lay claim to such values and, as a result, Trump is promising favors to the evangelical constituency—favors directed at us and at our politicking concerns.  He misses the boat completely.

For communities of faith, schools, think tanks, foundations, organizational clubs, charities and action committees across the country,  the real solution lies in doing away with the IRS and the US Tax Code. Such an action would end the ability of the Government to profile and discriminate against a particular group applying for  particular tax status. It would also immediately put an end to the corrupt buying and selling of influence peddling.  

The real issue before the Church is profound. The evangelical Church rightfully fears coming restrictions that will jeopardize its tax exempt status. I know the Church is being scrutinized for the culture wars we've been waging all these years. Eliminating the IRS frees the American Evangelical Church from its dependence upon the Republican Party. The Church is finally being given the chance to choose between access to cheap political power, used to push a conservative cultural agenda, and the liberty to actually be the Church. To go out unfettered and by the free association that de Tocqueville wrote about, we need to be that city on a hill. Remember, "Our [American] Founders, their rallying cry was liberty—not social conservatism.” (

But this requires deciding what tit of the Harlot are we willing to give up. Governor Gary Johnson is advocating for the abolishment of the IRS. He wants to implement an across-the board-consumption tax. Boom! Done! No more IRS, no more churches fearing the loss of their tax exempt status. But that would also mean equal treatment under the law for all. In other words:  no more political favors coming our way either.

4) Governors Johnson and Weld fully understand the need for a strong national defense as well as the threat of terrorism. They understand the distinction between Sharia, a political ideology incompatible with our Constitution, and being Muslim, which is protected by the Bill of Rights. Their determination to treat ISIS as an organized crime syndicate is intelligent, and Governor Weld has a successful track record shutting down such organizations.

"Something that no one in this presidential race is discussing is that Sharia law is politics. Everyone in this country supports freedom of religion, but Sharia law is politics. Sharia law is absolutely incompatible with the US Constitution -- and that starts with women’s rights. We are clouding Sharia law with freedom of religion and we need to clearly separate the two. And we need to cut off funding to what is advancing Sharia." (Governor Gary Johnson)

The Governors also understand the concerns of Israel.

5) Governor Johnson is the only candidate seriously attempting to address our $20 trillion dollar National debt. He recognizes this as a true threat to our national security. He has an incredible fiscal track record:  he understands the importance of a sustainable and solvent economy, as well as the importance of honoring our treaties and promises. Furthermore, as a border state governor, he understands the economic importance of immigration issues and the importance of free trade and open borders. He reminds us of our human brotherhood with the Hispanic community and with the members of our own spiritual family. Many Hispanics are Catholic Christians and many are members of a variety of Protestant denominations too. Under a Trump presidency, families will be broken up and deported. Churches and communities will be torn apart. Aside from the inhumanity of such actions, this would have a significant economic impact across our country.

6) Governor Johnson will move to abolish the Department of Education, a relative recent addition to the federal bureaucracy, going back to Jimmy Carter. Not back to Washington or even Lincoln. Governor Johnson has long been an advocate of school choice, school vouchers, home schooling and charter schools—in short, anything to stimulate educational competition and innovation. He is a charter school pioneer. His policies created merit based scholarship funding for New Mexico high school graduates to pursue college education. The scholarships are awarded based on high school grades and immediate enrollment in college following high school graduation. Scholarships are funded from state lottery revenues.  Governor Johnson is fully aware of the problems our school children, their families, their home schooling parents and our educators are struggling with their efforts to be educated and to educate and to exercise  the free expression of their consciences while doing so.

7)  Governor Johnson is not pro-life. But he is also not pro-death. Both Governors Johnson and Weld are pro-Choice but want a pro-life economy. This is another example of the many libertarian paradoxes. Or what I have come to know in my own experiences as the quest for the radical middle.  I know what it’s like to be forced to live in an either/or world. I also know what it’s like to stick out my neck all the way for God and not know what the hell hit me so hard afterward!  

No, Governor Johnson is definitely not pro-death.  He wants to end the criminalization of marijuana and an end the catastrophic war on drugs. The human cost has far exceed what was expected. Governor Johnson has been a leader on this issue for decades. The war on drugs has become a culture war of death. It has ruined many lives across the entire social spectrum. A grandmother 30 years ago fought for tough criminal sentencing on drug offenses never thinking it would lead to her grandchildren losing scholarships, jobs, their freedom and, in some cases, their lives. Governor Johnson has been a pioneer in changing how we think about marijuana and hemp. He fully grasps both the medical and industrial aspects of the marijuana and hemp industries.  Governor Johnson is pro-living. pro-family and pro-child—from the parental consent laws he signed as Governor to the Salud! program he created as a safety net in New Mexico to ensure healthcare and human services for lower income families.

Why do I build a case for pro-life support of Governors Johnson and Weld? Because I know they're not what the evangelical community has been conditioned to support. I know that this issue is so important to many in the Christian community that they simply will not vote for a pro-choice candidate. I am taking this one on faith. I will not make this a single issue presidency. I believe in the integrity and presence of character as found in both Governor Johnson and Governor Weld. I believe they will be better than either Clinton or Trump when it comes to both sides of this issue. I have met with both men. These are men we can respect. There is wisdom in their thoughts. Their human “energy” is clean. And, they are also better than Trump or Clinton when it comes to Planned Parenthood:

"I would prefer that the government not be in the healthcare care business. However, it is, and as much as 75% of the federal funding for Planned Parenthood comes in the form of providing services under Medicaid. Cutting off that funding from Planned Parenthood would simply result in it being directed elsewhere -- to other providers of the same services, where available.

“Targeting Planned Parenthood for de-funding is a political ploy that yields the net effect of targeting a certain group of women by making it more difficult to access health care services—from cancer screening to prenatal care—for which they are otherwise eligible. As long as that is the case, I will not jump onto the de-funding political bandwagon. We can, and should, have a national discussion about the government's role in funding health care. However, arbitrarily targeting Planned Parenthood without having the discussion and reforming Medicaid, along with other federal and state programs, is simply unfair and discriminatory. There would be no benefit to taxpayers, and only disruption of services to which women are today legally entitled." ( Gary Johnson,

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I think the best thing I can do is leave you with this:  recent remarks by the governors at a National Press Club luncheon in Washington, DC. Give yourself an hour to sit thoughtfully and hear them speak. Talk to God as you watch it.  I think you’ll hear that still small voice. There is a wisdom here. There is a maturity. There is truthfulness of character. That's God. One thing I learned through the spiritual renewal poured out within our own recent memories and presumably still taking place in places like Bethel Church in Redding California:  our experiences bore testimony to the truth that the presence of God was made known by the character of God.

Our experience in the Kingdom of God was based on God's character. These men have godly characteristics and peaceful spirits. That is sufficient for me. God moves where his presence is and His presence is where His character is reflected.

Remember the still small voice. It hasn't been so easy for me to hear it lately with everybody in a continual uproar and state of agitation. As a chaplain volunteering with the campaign, I'm starting to hear it again. I encourage you to listen for it too. I'm not looking back. I've got good reason to keep my eyes on the race set before me.
In His grip,

Scott Scrimshaw
Volunteer Campaign Chaplain