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Michelle Darnell (48th-L) Announcement Press Release 5.31.2016

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May 31, 2016                                                                               Scott Scrimshaw


          “We made history this weekend”-Michelle Darnell, Candidate for State Representative—Libertarian, 48th LD (Bel-Red-Kirk)

           Kirkland paralegal and consumer advocate Michelle Darnell, returned Monday from the National Libertarian Convention in Orlando Florida where former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld narrowly earned the nomination of the Libertarian Party.

              “There were times, I thought it may not happen” says the Washington delegate.  “There was even some division in our delegation, but at the end of the day we chose the candidates with the most experience so once elected they can get the job done.”

              An NBC/News/ Wall Street Journal poll, this month, f0und that 47% of registered voters would consider a third party candidate if Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton where the major party nominees.  The time has come for a third party choice that reflects the “socially accepting/fiscally responsible” message of the Libertarian Party.

              Michelle was especially pleased to have assurances directly from Johnson and Weld that their administration would prosecute bank fraud.  Bill Weld served as U. S Attorney and also a prosecutor and is known for prosecuting corruption.  “After speaking to Mr. Weld and Mr. Johnson, I am confident in this ticket.  It brings me great hope for this country.”

Michelle Darnell
Michelle Darnell

              Ms. Darnell feels that the rise of the Libertarian Party in the polls and in media, will spill over on to her down-ticket campaign as she seeks to be the first Libertarian female elected t0 a state office in the nation.  “The Libertarian party did me a favor this weekend electing these two men.  Now it is time to unite as a party and get the job done.”

              The campaign, Michelle for the House, is hosting a kick off on June 18th.  For more information or tickets, please go to:

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