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Lt. Governor Candidate for Washington State, Paul Addis (Libertarian) Interview

Paul Addis, Washington State's Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor in 2016
Paul Addis, Washington State's Libertarian
candidate for Lt. Governor in 2016
The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.  The interviewee, Paul Addis, is the Lt. Governor Candidate for Washington State.  Paul has been featured on the Washington Libertarian website.You can find more information on Paul at the website 

DM:  Thank you Paul, for taking the time out to address the people in this interview.  First question for you is, why?  What's your motivation behind your campaign in 2016 for Lt. Governor?

PA: Thanks for having me, David. My motivation for running for Lt. Governor is to highlight, promote and support the growth of the Libertarian Party in Washington State. What I mean is that, by running a campaign for public office, I will have opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available to me. I have filed my intent to run with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), but we are still a couple of months away from the official ballot filing with the Secretary of State, and I have already been mentioned in the Seattle Times, contacted by KING5 TV and invited by the Key Peninsula Democrats to a panel discussion. This type of publicity is not available to individuals and parties that don't run for office. As well, a public campaign offers volunteers and supporters a focal point for activity. In 2014, when I ran for State Representative in Seattle, I began my campaign with only a few volunteers. By the end of the campaign I had as many as 15 supporters canvasing precincts to hand out my material. Those were people I hadn't even known when I started the campaign, and they all signed up because they wanted to support the platform and message. Without the campaign, they would have had nowhere to do that in their legislative district. So, at the current stage of development and growth of the Libertarian Party of Washington, it is more important for me to assist that growth and development of the supporter base than whether or not I win an election. The winning will come as the base grows. We're putting one foot in front of the other here in Washington, and the Libertarian Party campaigns of 2016 are the next step in a long term plan. That plan includes gaining experience by electing leadership and running candidates, recruiting new supporters and candidates, training activists and consistently repeating those steps.

Paul Addis speaking at 2014 LPWA convention
Paul Addis speaking at the 2014 LPWA convention
DM:  Growing the party in Washington seems to be a key focus.  In your campaign, what are the biggest issues you want to tackle or bring light to?

PA:  The position I’m running for, Lt. Governor, has a unique role to play, which is not as directly legislative as most of the open positions such as State Representative, State Senator, Governor US Congressional positions. Of course, that is, unless the Governor can’t fulfill their duties and the Lt. Governor would have to fill in for a time. The Lt. Governor’s main duties include being President of the State Senate, as well as appointing members to specific committees. As the Senate president, the Lt. Governor helps decide which legislation moves to the floor for debate. That role, along with appointing committee members, can best be handled by a third party such as myself, due to the lack of allegiance to either of the two main parties. My decisions would be made based on libertarian principles, rather than party affiliation or favors owed to big money interests. Which brings me to my biggest issue. I believe that one of the greatest threats to the free market is the influence of money in politics. In Washington, we had a piece of legislation a few years ago where the legislature voted to give a tax break to Boeing, but that legislation did not remove the tax burden for smaller aerospace companies such as Hexcel. The result of that legislation was that Hexcel, which competes with Boeing in some product lines, was no longer competitive due to greater government-imposed overhead costs. Hexcel couldn’t pay as high of wages, so Boeing could pick off the best workers from Hexcel. Boeing could offer lower price points to customers. All of this was the result of actions taken by the legislature, not natural dynamics of the free market. This behavior makes the playing field un-level for businesses. This is no isolated case, and many times it is due to the attraction that this kind of power brings from companies and industries that want unfair advantages and are willing to pay-to-play in this crony capitalist game. That is why I do not take money from PACS, corporations, unions, lobbyists or any special interest groups. I only take donations from individuals. That decision is based on principle, but I also bring it up often in my campaign to highlight the problem. It is certainly an issue that most voters agree on from both sides of the aisle. I’d also like to see some innovation in how we make healthcare available. I think allowing social service funds (i.e. EBT Cards) to be used for direct primary care fees would provide better service for those in need at lower costs to the tax payer. It would be a step in the right direction. I’m also a big proponent of giving families more options when it comes to educating their kids. Along with a more decentralized approach to education. I think direction is more important than destination at this time, so I’m OK with anything that moves us toward a more free-market based system. Other issues that I feel strongly about include accountability of law enforcement and better transportation solutions in Washington.

Paul Addis volunteering at the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle
Paul Addis (right)
Volunteering at the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle.
DM:  As Lt. Governor of Washington, what would be your first major action within office?

PA:  My first objective would be to get to know each of the legislators, especially in the State Senate. One of the major roles of the Lt. Governor is to appoint members to various committees. I believe that, in order to do that effectively, I would need to build solid relationships with the members of the Senate to assist my decision making on those matters. Currently, the leaders in the largest caucuses send the Lt. Governor recommendations for appointment to these committees. As I’ve mentioned earlier, my decisions would be based on libertarian principles rather than party affiliation. Whereas the current Senate is made up of members from the Democratic and Republican parties, I would like to keep a fair balance from both sides of the aisle, but with an eye toward their history of voting and support for particular legislation. For example, if a Republican or Democratic leader sent me a recommendation for a potential committee member and that Senator had consistently voted in favor of crony corporatist legislation such as the Boeing tax break, the bill to increase taxes on certain parts of e-cigarette/vaping products, or voted against the industrial hemp bill, I would have a difficult time agreeing with that recommendation. In order to perform that function properly, I believe it would be extremely important to build relationships with as many Senators as possible so I could have better firsthand knowledge to inform those decisions. As for the first legislative action I would take, that would be dependent on what legislation is brought forward. My role would be to lead parliamentary discussion during the debate on the Senate floor.

DM:  On the topic of "unnecessary taxes and regulations," which ones do you plan on cutting or removing to help the common person and small business thrive?

PA:  There has been an ongoing effort in Olympia to institute a state income tax in Washington. First of all, that is one thing I would do my best to avoid. I don’t believe there is any good reason to tax the medium of exchange between two consenting parties that decide to trade for mutual benefit. Income tax goes against the foundational principle of a free society. As for current taxes, I would think the Business and Occupational tax (B&O) would be some low hanging fruit. I don’t see that there is any real benefit to the businesses that pay the tax. And I believe there is some bi-partisan support for the elimination of the B&O tax. I’d also like to see more of the gas tax spent on the roads that are used by the people who pay the tax versus the projects that only 2% of the people utilize. However, as Lieutenant Governor I would be limited as to how I could directly affect that type of legislation. My role would be more about facilitating legislative activity than authoring or sponsoring actual legislation.

Paul Addis at Washington State capitol Olympia 2016
Paul Addis (center)
Speaking against non-judicial foreclosure
at the Capitol in Olympia in 2016.
DM:  Paul, thank you for providing our readers with great insight to your platform.  I will be following up with you in a little while, to update everyone on your campaign.  In closing, what final thoughts and last messages would you like to provide to everyone reading?

PA: Thanks again for having me, David. I’d like to reiterate to your readers a couple of things that are important to keep in mind about our current political landscape. The first is to consider how crony corporatism, meaning big money interests in politics, damages the foundation of a free society. When certain organizations are allowed to pull the strings of our policy makers, the natural and healthy dynamics of the free market are severely mitigated. Free market capitalism has done more to liberate oppressed people, mobilize individuals out of poverty and benefit society in general than any government system ever could. When we allow corporate interests to undermine that system we all lose. That is why it is important to choose your politicians wisely. Lastly, I would like to say that I believe the future health of the American political system depends on having a viable third (and more) party. More options means more competition. More competition means better choices for the consumer. The duopoly that is the Republican and Democratic parties have become too similar to allow the American voters a real choice in elections. It’s time to vote for parties that ‘can’t win’ until they start winning. You can be that change. It starts now, and it starts with you. 

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Hillary Clinton Addresses the Greater Seattle Area Before WA Dem. Caucus

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Hillary Clinton Addresses the Greater Seattle Area Before WA Dem. Caucus

Black Lives Matter Protestors at Clinton WA Rally
BLM signs and protestors lined the outside of the school
Clinton had quite a busy day Tuesday (3/22/2016) with an event early in the day at Seattle northern city, Everett and a sold out private luncheon, where tickets were at a minimum of $2,700 a person.

Line for Clinton Rally in WA
The line for the event stretched around the block
Upon first arrival at the event hosted at the Rainier Beach High School, one could see the lines wrapped around the corner of the block.  Hillary had quite an act to follow after Bernie Sanders packed the Key Arena with well over 15,000 people in attendance on Sunday (3/20/2016).  While the numbers were roughly a quarter of what Mr. Sanders had, the crowd still held a positive energy to make up for it.  There were a good many protestors outside; some from the "Black Lives Matter" movement, others in general protest.  Clinton has faced controversy in recent past events with other protestors.  There did not appear to be any within the inside of the evening's event.  Clinton did make note to the audience that there are usually protestors at her events, because they are "upset."

Before Clinton's arrival on stage, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray spoke highly of the Presidential hopeful.  Before turning the stage over, he made his endorsement for Hillary.  Upon Clinton's arrival on stage, the five hundred plus crowd roared in cheers.  Those who could not be inside due to the High School's limited capacity, could hear the event through speakers outside.

Hillary Clinton in WA for 2016 Presidential campaign
Hillary Clinton addressing the crowd of the evening
Mention of climate change issues and other green alternatives such as solar energy were early talking point.  Clinton lightly touched on ISIS and cited the 9/11 terror attacks in New York, saying she would do everything to ensure a strong national defense domestically.  A big focus of her speech was on the middle and lower working class.  Making points about keeping jobs within America and having more apprenticeship programs in high schools and community colleges.  She had mentioned reform within the judicial process, but did not touch on the subject of legalization of marijuana on a federal level.  Other interesting points were made on having debt free tuition and the ability of student loans to be refinanced; repayment programs having a end date of obligation.  Notable mentions on concerns for paid family leave and raising the minimum wage.  She had quoted two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women, a talking point she has used in the past.

After the event, I spoke with a few attendees to get an idea of what they took away from the evening.  Generally, it was a positive reception from their point of view.  I pointed out that there was a lack of information toward police accountability and decriminalization of marijuana on the Federal level; both very hot issues right now with younger people.  The consensus seemed to be that Hillary only had so much time available to speak, and unable to address everything that are on voters minds.  One could not help but feel there was certainly much more that needed to be talked about.  Voters will certainly make their voice heard this Saturday (3/26/2016) at the Democratic Caucus polls.

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The Passive Way to Passive Income - Recommended Reading

A good friend of mine went from being a waitress at Waffle House to owning multiple rental properties. Now, she devotes her time to helping others purchase their own rental properties, and even helps manage the properties for them!

Whitney Carpenter from Hagerstown, MD is the author of The Passive Way to Passive Income: A Guide to Turn Key Real Estate Investment.

In her book, Whitney discusses her rise to owning multiple rental properties, the pitfalls she has encountered, and how to be successful at investing in turn-key real estate.

Carpenter and her husband have developed an amazing system which is changing lives and empowering people. She even includes worksheets to help you in your investment journey, and provides amazing advice on how to get started, and how to grow.

If you haven't already, read the first chapter on Amazon and see why this book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for an alternative, passive income to supplement their existing income, or help prepare for retirement.

Ken Buckler is the editor of the Liberty Chronicle Independent.

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Bernie Sanders appears in Seattle during Washington State Campaign Tour

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

 Bernie Sanders appears in Seattle during Washington State Campaign tour

Bernie Sanders at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington
Key Arena near capacity at the time this photo was taken, about 15 minutes before Bernie appeared
One thing was for certain.  Over 20 thousand people arrived by a good "personal" estimate (capacity is listed at over 17,000), today.  I arrived around 2 PM (announced first open doors) at the Key Arena in Seattle.  The line wrapped around the block even at that time.  I had made reservations for the event through Bernie's campaign website earlier in the day for the historic event.  Sadly, the reservations didn't apply to spots within the line.  Everyone had to wait regardless.  The amount of diversity within the attendees were phenomenal.  While waiting, I was able to converse with the crowd, finding that many were more open to talk than the Seattle "norm."  If you've never been to Seattle, most people avoid talking to strangers and having open dialogue.  It was a refreshing change for once; being originally a D.C. greater area, native.  There really is something to the Bernie crowd and the energy that they bring.

During the next 3 hours, we slowly moved ahead to the front entrance.  It turns out that there were only two open doors available for people to enter, both which had the large "walk-through" metal detectors.  For some reason, they did not utilize more open doors (There were more than 10) with officers equipped with the handheld wands.  Ironically, they did end up using the handheld wands in conjunction with the large, walk-through detectors.  An unnecessary inconvenience that everyone in the crowd seemed to agreed on.  One can only hope that more staff is utilized in the future for other large scale events.

After the exhaustion of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with people for the extended period of time, it was a relief to finally be within the arena.  Never did touching one's toes, bring such back relief.  Nearly everything was sold out in concessions.  The place certainly had the atmosphere of being a "big deal."  That it certainly was.  Chants of "Bernie!" and "Feel The Bern!" were roaring all through the arena.  The energy was there; people were "Feeling the Bern," alright.  Those left outside, still watched the live stream that was available with full enthusiasm.

Once Mr. Sanders made his way out, the arena roared.  The core foundations of the place shook.  The experience was comparable to the "12th Man" eruption from Centurylink Field during a Seattle Seahawks game.  The man could barely speak for the first 10 minutes without being drowned out by cheers and screams.  It was the "Rock-star" feel.  One could compare it to most rock concerts they have been to, but it was it's own unique energy.  You expect this from a rock concert, not from a politician.  That's what set the tone apart.

Bernie's points were very basic, but to the point.  He attacked the failed Drug War, tying it into the need to demilitarize our police nationally; and for police accountability.  The removal of Marijuana as Class 1 narcotic on the Federal level.  The issues of allowing a woman to choose what to do with their body.  I did like the way he made it a point; that Republicans try to advertise themselves as "small government," except when it comes to a woman's choice for her own body  The same was said with what happens in the bedroom.  He attacked cronyism without hesitation, another reason why people of all ages have followed him.  Banks are not popular, especially since the late 2000's economic crash.  He made sure to point this out, that he was against the banker bailouts and the crimes of Wall St.  The points Bernie made, he almost sounded like a Third-Party candidate.  This would explain why the Green Party has taken an interest in him.  To an extent, one could have even confused him as a Libertarian.

At a certain point however, his talking points became more open and broad.  He spoke on the human right of universal healthcare.  He spoke on the right of free education for all.  The issues that followed, were all great to hear.  While it has been sourced in many places on the internet, he did not go into much detail about how he will fund these policies.  I personally was hoping for a more in depth look to better give him a chance on the controversial economic issues.  The crowd however, did not seem to mind the "overview."  One thing is for certain, his audience is enraptured by his voice and demeanor.  One could not deny that fact, especially after viewing it in person.

Seattle is a top contributor for Mr. Sanders campaign.  Seattle Times has Seattle listed as Bernie's largest donor, at an astounding $893 per 1,000 residents.  Washington D.C. doesn't even come close at $436 per 1,000 residents.  It's very apparent that the "Emerald city" wants Bernie.  I would highly suggest that all Third-Parties watch him, and learn a thing or two.  The message is simple, but addresses the issues that young and older people are having to deal with in their daily lives.  Corruption within the banking system, police accountability, the bleak future for Social Security and Medicare.  The Libertarian and Green Party need to embrace these issues with an iron fist, if they want to gain the support of these voters.  There is speculation of the DNC "screwing over" Bernie for Hillary.  If this is truly the case, then Third-Parties need to act fast.  Some compare this campaign to that of Ron Paul being "screwed over" by the RNC in 2012.  One thing is certain, the people want an "Anti-Establishment" candidate.  They will only continue to endure the controversy from the "Red" and "Blue" Parties, for so long.  It truly does appear that it will be the time for Third-Parties to shine, after this 2016 election.  Certainly if it's one without Mr. Sanders on the ticket, this November.

Voluntaryist Comic strikes again, Prepares with Massive Campaign

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.  This comic series focuses on the battle for liberty and self governance/independence. You can contact the self proclaimed "Number 1 Libertarian comic universe in print" at their webpage.  View the previous interview with the creator of Voluntaryist here

The Voluntaryists Comic Cover
The Voluntaryists vs The NSA Part 2 Cover

Voluntaryist Comic strikes again,

Prepares with Massive Campaign


The world has been taken by storm with the Voluntaryist comic book series release. If you haven't seen these issues yet, it's worth checking into.  Volunteerism meets Sci-Fi meets Action/Thriller; all in paper form.

The creator has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help with the release of this 22 page issue.  Perks for donating have rewards as novel as early digital release access, to having your own figure collectible.  As of today (3/20/2016), the campaign is already 14% funded after being released 8 days ago (from date of this publication).

A free digital download of the first NSA issue can be accessed through here. (courtesy of

You can learn more and keep up with changes and updates at the following links:

"Snowden and Assange team up to take on tyrannical spying!"

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the original interview with the creator of Voluntaryist here.

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MD Governor candidate Shawn Quinn (LP), gears up for 2018 election

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Shawn Quinn and Gary Johnson
Shawn Quinn (left) with Gary Johnson (right)
In 2014, Shawn Quinn took Maryland to a place previously unknown, in over 40 years.  Along with his Lt. Governor candidate, he was able to get the highest third party vote within the state, in 44 years.  The 2014 Governor candidate took a person-to-person approach with his campaign, to fight for the people.  His motto is, "It's About People." It truly has been the focus from day one.  Shawn had shown up for appointments and events all over the state.

Shawn was and still is currently the only candidate that is against the costly and life destroying "War on Drugs."  As Governor, Shawn is willing to help those with marijuana offenses, having them removed from their record; and allowing them to have the opportunity to succeed within the job market, again.  A protector and fighter for all amendments (freedom of speech, 2nd Amendment self defense, etc.), he will not compromise on your rights.  The plan is to cut the sales tax in half, down to 3% from the current 6% that is in place.  There is a focus on the removal of burdening and unnecessary regulations to help local businesses grow, and be created.  These are just a few changes and points, that his campaign focuses on.  (You can view previous interviews with Shawn Quinn here and here.)

With a lot more time to prepare for the 2018 election, many actions by Shawn are being put into action.  One of the campaign actions, is to make this happen for events and exposure:

Shawn Quinn for Governor of Maryland
Proposed campaign design Bus wrap

The following is a message from Shawn himself regarding the bus wrap:
I would just like to put this out to everyone. We are working on a bus wrap with the Libertarian party on the sides. If you can find it in your hearts to help out we could sure use $10- $20 dollars from our Libertarian friends. We are trying to have it done so we can take it to the National Convention. We will also be using it for parades this summer and any events we can get to. It will show pride in our party and our State. You can mail a check to "Citizens for Quinn" at PO box 1154, Lusby, Maryland 20657 or go to and hit donate button. Please write "bus wrap" on index line of check. If we all chip in a little we can get this done. Thank you for your consideration. Live free.
Shawn is very optimistic with the road to 2018's, as he should be.  The journey for liberty and the people of Maryland has only just begin.

You can reach Shawn through his website at: and on social media

Shawn Quinn for Maryland Governor
Western Maryland for Shawn Quinn
Marylanders for Quinn 

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Voluntaryist - An Interview with the Comic to challenge your thinking (Authorized Reprint)

Contributor Note: This is a reprint of an existing article that was originally printed on the Washco Chronicle on February 7th, 2016.  Reprint is authorized by the original contributor, David Malekar.

The following is a guest post/interview conducted by David Malekar, who regularly contributes content to the WashCo Chronicle. The interviewee, Jamie Sherman, the creator of Voluntaryist.  This comic series focuses on the battle for liberty and self governance/independence. You can contact the self proclaimed "Number 1 Libertarian comic universe in print" at his webpage.

Voluntaryist Comic
Meet Voluntaryist, the protagonist of the series
DM:  Let's pull no punches; what originally sparked the idea to create this comic?

JS:  I have always been a fan of comics and general geekdom. I have collected Godzilla figures and movies since I was 5, dressed up in superhero outfits for comic book movie premiers, and have always watched the latest animated cartoons. During the Ron Paul campaign of 2012, I was excited to promote liberty and wanted to see how I could combine my interests in fantasy with my love for liberty. I began writing a movie script, but found it would be too expensive to make a decent production. I decided that I could reasonably make a comic book come to life with the advent of crowd-source fundraising, so I turned my movie thoughts into comic form and ran with an online campaign.

DM:  Pulling off such a project requires serious dedication.  Is this a project you work on during your free time, or full time?
JS:  I work on the Voluntaryist comic during my free time. It’s been a long journey that has taken countless hours. I don’t think I could have been successful if I didn’t spend entire weekends at a time reaching out to people to garner support. 

DM:  What has been your biggest challenge thus far with the project?
JS:  The hardest part was finding the initial fan base. The Voluntaryist Comic is premised on a philosophy that only a small fraction of the world is privy to. On top of that, those who would be initially interested would also have to enjoy comics as a medium. It took a while to build interest and support but, at this stage, the ideas of liberty have spread so far and wide that it has become easier to break into the mainstream. The acceptance of libertarian Voluntaryism as an ethical philosophy has probably grown 10-fold since I’ve started the comic, which is incredible on its own. 

Voluntaryist Comic
Voluntaryist during a breakout moment

DM:  You've covered a lot of controversial subjects thus far (such as the NSA surveillance), what are other subjects we can expect from the series?
JS:  Readers should expect a no-holds-barred approach to all of the hottest issues with government threats: spying, police brutality, martial law, war, taxation, eminent domain, prohibition, regulation, and so on. The next issue will continue with the NSA topic and introduce Julian Assange with Wikileaks.

DM:  You plan on covering a vast amount of subjects.  Which one stands out to you the most and why?

The one that stands out the most to me is the one that no one else will cover: the nature of government. I think a graphic depiction on how government function is carried out in real-world practice is needed. Too many just accept the process of how government is run through generalized mantras like “social contract,” “uniform justice,” and “public good.” I plan to give readers the exact nature of what the state is: poor service provided at the barrel of a gun.

Voluntaryist Comic
Voluntaria vs the Zombies, issue
DM:  Can we expect a possible short animated film in the future?
JS:  That is my dream goal. I want to first get the origins story into a graphic novel format so it can also be used as storyboarding. If I could get the right kind of sponsorship or advertising deal though, I would be happy to make the first ever Voluntaryist 2D animated feature as soon as I possibly can.
DM:  Where can interested readers go to purchase digital and paper print copies?
JS:  We sell the comics through Indyplanet. I recommend using the sidebar at our Website, to go to the direct purchase links.

DM:  For fans who wish to provide additional support beyond just purchasing copies of Voluntaryist; do you have any other links you would like to provide;  Donations or otherwise?

Anyone who wishes to make a non-tax-deductible gift via bitcoin can do so at our Website here: or can message me for how to get involved through sponsorship/advertisement at out Website Otherwise, the main way we offer support is through our comic fundraising campaigns at 

DM:  Overall, what do you hope that readers will take away from your series?
JS: I want Voluntaryist to reach out to a diverse audience on multiple levels. For those who never heard of the philosophy, I want this to be an opportunity to engage the ideas in an entertaining way. For those refining their beliefs, I want the comic to be an avenue for critical thought and discourse as a means to synthesize common critiques and misconceptions. For those who already buy into the philosophy, I want the comic to be a fun relief from reality that can be used to share Voluntarism with others who may otherwise be turned off to academic arguments and dry white papers. 

Voluntaryist Comic
Voluntaryist covers many sensitive subjects of today

DM:  People such as Ron Paul, have been a major influence to the younger generation regarding the subjects of liberty and government, in the recent years.  The appeal of your comic follows the ideas of the moment, as you previously stated.  In closing, what final thoughts would you like to leave with readers?

JS:  My call to action for everyone is to start sharing the virtues of liberty with the world by first providing value to others. Help others solve problems by providing how-tos, reviews, and instructionals, and then seed the message of liberty in. We will grow true peace and prosperity when philosophy and culture combine. 

Voluntaryist Comic
All photos provided by Jamie Sherman of the Voluntaryist

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Urgent Request by former Candidate Leo Wayne Dymowski (LP) / Kidney Transplant

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Urgent Request by former Candidate Leo Wayne Dymowski (LP) / Kidney Transplant

Leo Wayne Dymowski
Libertarian candidate Leo Wayne Dymowski
2014 Maryland candidate for Attorney General
In 2014, Leo ran with the Libertarian Party in Maryland, as a candidate for Attorney General.  He is now in dire need of a kidney transplant and needs our help.  The following is an excerpt from the website,
Leo Wayne Dymowski was born with only one kidney, a congenital birth defect, and that kidney has been malfunctioning since birth. Over the years his one kidney has slowly declined and at the start of 2016 it is functioning at about 10% of capacity. Leo is in urgent need of a kidney transplant. While he is on the University of Maryland transplant list, that is for a cadaver kidney. A kidney from a live donor is preferable for many reasons. Leo has always supported his friends and family members and now we need them to support him.

Representatives from the website have mentioned that the required blood type is "A," and that he can accept "A" or "O."  They also mentioned that there is a kidney bank "which pairs donors with recipients so blood type is not a disqualified."

You may contact him at the website's "Contact Us" page and/or
Phone: 410.282.5808 / 410.387.3007

There is also an active Facebook page for support and community interaction at  Here's to finding your donor quickly and a fast recovery!

Statement from Michelle Darnell on Washington State's Non-Judicial Foreclosure and Repeal of DTA (Authorized Reprint)

Michelle Darnell Libertarian
Washington State's 48th Legislative District candidate,
Michelle Darnell
Contributor Note: This is a reprint of an existing article that was originally printed on the Washco Chronicle on March 8th, 2016.  Reprint is authorized by the original contributor, David Malekar.

The following is a Press Release by Seattle based contributor, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle. The statement release is by Michelle Darnell, candidate in Washington state's 48th Legislative District.  Running as a Libertarian, she hopes to bring "justice, prosperity, responsibility, tolerance, cooperation, and peace" to the respective area. You may view more information at the website and contact her campaign from there.
Michelle has issued the following statement regarding the end of non-judicial foreclosure in the state of Washington and connecting crisis of homelessness, and the repeal of the Deed of Trust Act.

Statement from the Washington State 48th Legislative District candidate, Michelle Darnell:

Decrease homelessness and End non-judicial foreclosure in our state!

Homelessness is an increasing problem in our state and county. In the last two years we have seen a 40% cumulative increase in homelessness in King County, yet we have over 5k foreclosures at the moment and 0ver 2000 empty bank owned homes in the county.

This is a problem that affects us all as we search our hearts and minds for solutions.  No one wants to see veterans, children and the elderly on our street. No one wants to see their neighbors disappear one by one. No one enjoys living with the uncertainly of the housing market as it is manipulated by the banks.  The “too big to fail” banks are pillaging our communities and it is time for that to STOP.

Families around this state are being evicted from their homes needlessly; they are migrating to urban areas to look for homes and jobs. This is driving up rents. When the existing tenants can’t afford the new rents or first, last and a deposit, they are either on the street or on a couch.

We can see the signs on every corner.  We have 50,000 homeless kids in our state, yet empty homes dot the state like bodies on a battle field. What is the response?  To build tent cities and provide mobile health services. Both are admirable attempt to band-aide a situation but do nothing to address the cause.  

The smart response is to identify the cause of the homeless crisis and work to eliminate one of the root causes. Foreclosure is a quick path to homelessness.  This is why I have worked nearly 8 years to fight the foreclosure epidemic. I saw this homelessness crisis coming as I toured empty homes several years ago and listen to the tragic stories day in and day out.

We have had over 640,000 families in this state evicted from their homes, about 80% of them, unnecessarily, because they should have been offered a modification.  That is what the bailed out banks were supposed to do in return for tax payer money. But instead, the banks used the program to lure people in to default and then they foreclosed upon them. They are still doing to.

We have a WA Foreclosure Fairness Act mediation program and spent $4 million last year to save 800 homes out of over 4000 referrals. That is a failure. Why is it failing? Because the banks just go through the motions and there is no way to stop them. 

We can see the There is a mountain of case law and evidence indicating the banks have been up to no good they are breaking laws with impunity. This is a root cause of homelessness in our communities. 

This is why I will work to end non-judicial foreclosure in our state by repealing the Deed of Trust Act.

Washington State is home to non-judicial foreclosure. This means that a home may be repossessed and sold at auction by a third party “judicial substitute” called a trustee.  This trustee is actually hired by the bank but is supposed to have a duty of good faith to the borrower and be unbiased like a judge.  That doesn’t even make sense does it?  Homeowners never get their day in court and it is easier to repossess a home than a car in this state! You don’t even have to prove owners ship of the loan or how much is owed!

Washington’s non-judicial Deed of Trust system is unjust and unconstitutional, as homeowners face three additional barriers to due process:

(1) If a homeowner has cause to defend their property via a law suit, and the majority do, they MUST pay a bond equivalent to their mortgage payment each month to the court for the duration of the law suit.
(2)The homeowner is the plaintiff bringing the action so the burden of proof is on them.
(3) IF they lose, they must pay the banks attorney fees too, so filing a lawsuit is a very risky proposition.

When elected I will work to end non-judicial foreclosure in our state. I will stand up against the banking lobby and defend homeowners against the abuses they have been suffering for years. I will work to restore justice and liberty in our state.
I will introduce a bill to repeal the Deed of Trust act.

Please join me in this effort at

Approved by the campaign to elect Michelle Darnell for State Rep 48th LD- Libertarian

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Introducing the Liberty Chronicle - The future of LP / Independent News / Journalism and Outreach

Welcome to the Liberty Chronicle! 

This is a national News / Journalism aggregation website for Independent / Libertarian platforms.  This exciting new tool will be used to bring you all the information headlining nationally, direct, in your face.  Independent / Libertarian journalists are HIGHLY encouraged to contribute to this news-site.

The future of journalism and outreach is here.  YOU are a part of this history in the making.  Here's to spreading the message of liberty across the nation and beyond.  YOU control the future.  Mount up and stand with the cause of hard hitting, no coating journalism and news!



Liberty Chronicle Independent

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

It's Happening!

Ron Paul It's Happening
Liberty Chronicle is now LIVE!

So much good stuff in the pipeline!

STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!