Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Interview - Gregory Arianoff (L), candidate for State Rep in Hawaii Seeks Needed Tax Reform

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publicationsThe interviewee, Gregory Arianoff, is running for State Representative - District 3 in Hawaii as a Libertarian.  You can find more information on Gregory at the website greg4liberty.com and follow on Facebook at facebook.com/Greg4Liberty and twitter at @GregoryArianoff.

Gregory Arianoff Libertarian
Gregory Arianoff, Libertarian
DM:  Thank you, Mr. Arianoff for the opportunity to allow our readers to learn more about yourself
and your campaign for State Representative District 3 in Hawaii.  What can you tell us about your 2016 entry into the race and what you are hitting head on?

GA:  Thank you Mr. Malekar for taking the time out of your day and making this interview happen. We live in a very peculiar area of the globe here in Hawaii, an area that for the most part is not really influenced by the mainland or the outside world and the state, as you know, is not a continuous strip of land. This creates a string of islands with their own climates, necessities, micro cultures, etc. That being said my main concern is the centralization of government and everything it brings. I want to restore Home Rule and get away from bureaucrats that live islands away making decisions for this island; a perfect example would be government's role in the local infrastructure and the education.

DM:  Many people in the Continental United States often forget that Hawaii is very separate as far as legislation is concerned.  Would you say with that in consideration, that Libertarian principles have an edge on your turf?

GA:  Like you mentioned, you have to understand the history of Hawaii Statehood. The Democratic Party created the State and Democrats have been in charge at all levels ever since. I think that Libertarian ideas have a better chance of being received than the Republican views. More often than not, I do find that when I question individuals about why they are Democrats, the predominant answer is, "because my parents are!" The more I continue the conversation, the more I find that people are receptive to Libertarianism; or at least I hear, "I didn't think of it that way," so I think it really comes down to education. Many don't know what we stand for because of the single-party rule that exists in the state of Hawaii, and very little political influence from the outside.

Gary Johnson and Gregory Arianoff
Gregory Arianoff with 2012 / 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson
DM:  With the political ideologies on lock-down within your area, what steps are you and your
campaign taking to break this cycle?

GA:  We will continue the education process. Spread the ideas of liberty one person at a time by engaging in conversations with the public as well as attending various public forums. The main tool in breaking the cycle we currently use is Social Media and Internet presence.

DM:  Speaking of Social Media, Libertarians are reaching their audience by this means very well. What social media links can you provide for viewers that want to connect?
GA:   Viewers can connect through Twitter: @GregoryArianoff, through Facebook: facebook.com/Greg4Liberty or by going to our website: greg4liberty.com

Gregory Arianoff Hawaii Libertarian
Gregory Arianoff with Support
DM:  Taking a closer look at your local campaign, what issue would you like to expand on for the readers, that may be overlooked by your opponents?

GA:  A very serious issue locally is taxation, Hawaii consistently ranks worst when it comes to either individual taxation or business taxation, creating a dependency on Government due to such dismal take-home pay. Additionally, where is all of these tax monies going? A couple of prime examples are; 1. The DOE with approximately 40% of the budget going to education and Hawaii remaining at the bottom nationwide. With such a high percentage already; throwing more money at the issue does not prove to be a solution, especially with talks of increasing taxes for the DOE.
2. Unfunded liabilities in Hawaii are probably over $30 Billion in debt! These types of fiscal delinquencies should not be tolerated and officials should be held accountable. If you or I did the same with someone else's money, we would have been jailed a long time ago.

DM:  What kind of kind of tax changes can residents expect from a Arianoff office both in the short term, and further into your term?

GA: The long term goals are to end State Income Tax for the citizens of Hawaii and to end the General Excise Tax. Having lived in States that do not have an Income Tax, I can see first hand the damages created by taking someone's hard earned monies. On the East side of the Big Island it would give families an average $4,300 raise to pay back debts, buy a new car, create a savings, pay their mortgage or whatever they would like to do with it. As far as the GET goes, you have to understand the nature of this tax, it is not just a simple tax, it is calculated from production to purchase and sale, this deeply hurts small businesses as they end up paying in some circumstances three times the tax rate! In the short term, it would be to introduce legislation that allows individuals to opt out of the tax system. It is morally wrong and unacceptable to force anything upon the people. The individual must be protected; so if an individual decides he doesn't want to pay taxes for education because he doesn't have kids, for example, then he must be able to opt out. By doing so he may no longer participate in the so-called benefits provided by the State. He should be given a choice - which is what we lack as everything is being forced upon us by a majority who have forgotten that we are a Republic and not a Democracy.

Gregory Arianoff and Family
Gregory Arianoff and Family
DM:  Citizens will certainly take notice to the amount of relief that will be accomplished during your term.  Hopefully the citizens of Hawaii will embrace the much needed change and fresh ideas brought only from an Arianoff term.  Thank you for spending so much time with the Liberty Chronicle Independent and our readers.  In closing, what final thoughts would you like to leave with readers?

GA: My closing thoughts would be that I think it is important for people to know that everything boils down to the individual, just like our Constitution mentions. What are the individual needs, not what a group needs. If we perpetuate a mob mentality, then we end up with minorities and individuals being hurt and getting the short end of the stick.We need to sustain the non aggression principle that Libertarians believe - which ultimately unites individuals instead of segregates them, thus creating  better, freer markets, relations, and more individual freedom. Thank you again for having me here, thank you for what you do and it was great meeting you face to face. Less Government is more Aloha!