Saturday, March 25, 2017

Libertarian Party of King County, WA Chapter Convention Launch 3.18.2017 (Including Interview with LPWA Chair candidate, Randy McGlenn)

Libertarian Party of King County holds it's first convention of 2017
Libertarian Party of King County holds it's first convention of 2017

LCI Exclusive Interview with Randy McGlenn, candidate for 2017 LPWA Chair


*Editor Note* Thanks to Randy for talking with us after the convention for a quick interview on what LPWA Chair means to him and goals for 2017


Minutes Credits: Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.
Video Credits: This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Editor in Chief for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; and publishes content to other online publications.


Libertarian Party of King County, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Introduction about LPKC by Michelle Darnell 1 of 11
(13 Minutes 29 Seconds)


History was made in King County Washington, Saturday March 18th. The Libertarian party of King County held its first convention, ratified its by-laws and elected its first official board. Acting chair, Michelle Darnell, opened the meeting with “Tell us why you are here today!” James Sherman responded “Taxes!” Someone else yelled “second!” Adam Owen responded “15 dollar minimum wage in Seattle, 13 in WA state!” David Malekar “Identity politics have run amuck and everyone gets offended by the truth.” Jeff Jared “I’m worried about King county and Seattle in particular. I am seeing a fu-fufication of Seattle. It’s like San Francisco; too expensive to live there. It’s becoming elite because of progressive tax policy of the left.” Michelle Darnell added “On the top of my list is the homelessness problem, increasing rents, poverty, rapidly increasing taxation, regulations, injustice in courts, and the fact our leaders seem out of touch, touting “mo money mo money!” Michelle went on to discuss the values statement of the LPKC, and what is meant by the Love, Logic and Liberty slogan. She said “One of the things I hear when talking to people in the community is that “Libertarians don’t have any compassion.” “People think we just want people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and dismantle the safety net.” “This is not true. Capitalism has brought more people out of poverty than any government program it IS the compassionate solution.” Libertarians have a lot of talent and sophisticated ideas but we must reach hearts to change minds. Freedom empowers while excessive taxation and regulation is binding. The LPKC also seeks to build bridges with all people who share our values even people from other parties. We are stronger united. Love. Logic. LIBERTY



LPKC, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Kirkland City Councilman, Toby Nixon 2 of 11
(39 minutes 33 seconds)


Lifetime LP member, Ran as state representative in Georgia in 1990 received 6.9 percent in a 3 way race. Appointed to fill a legislative vacancy in 2001.  Elected as a fire district commissioner in district 41. 2011 elected to Kirkland city council and reelected without opposition in 2015. First got into politics in Jr High school. Got into “party politics” in 1980. Wanted to be involved in some way. Petitioned to get John Anderson on ballot in Florida. First Libertarian legislative candidates to run TV ads. He talks about his experiences with running for various offices, taking out unnecessary government departments, and how to run an effective campaign.



LPKC, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - James Passey, Seattle City Council, Position 8 candidate 3 of 11
(57 seconds)


Need 400 signatures and $10 from each signee to be qualified for Democracy Voucher. Explains why a Libertarian would take a Democracy Voucher.



LPKC, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Burien City Council Position 1 candidate, Charles Schaefer 4 of 11
(1 minute 11 seconds)


Attends City council meetings regularly. Big issue is city’s zoning regulations.



LPKC, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Seattle Mayor Candidate, Casey Carlisle 5 of 11
(1 Minute 42 Seconds)


He is asking for feedback from the community. Asking for donations to help campaign.



Libertarian Party of King County, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Amanda Carter 6 of 11
(2 Minutes 21 Seconds)


 What are we doing as a community, individuals or as a party?



LPKC, WA 1st Convention 3.18.2018 - Randy and Tiffany, Chair/Vice Chair candidates for LPWA 7 of 11

Talking about the “infighting” issue within the LP. Doesn’t happen in King or Kitsap Co LP's.

Tiffany talked about keeping moral high. They want to create a strong presence in WA state. Randy talks about positivity and success. 


LPKC, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - LPWA Region 2 Associate Director of King County Endorses Randy for Chair and Tiffany for Vice Chair of LPWA 8 of 11
(18 Seconds)

LPKC, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Robert Parker Endorses Randy and Tiffany 9 of 11
(1 Minute 36 Seconds)

LPKC, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Hank Myers, Redmond City Councilman 10 of 11
(2 Minutes 37 Seconds)


Get involved in your city at a grassroots level. A little Q&A with Hank.



Libertarian Party of King County, WA First Convention 3.18.2018 - Closing Remarks with Michelle Darnell 11 of 11
(3 Minutes 28 Seconds)


There’s tons of work to do here! Talk to friends and neighbors to build the movement.


Elected officials from the convention are as follows:

LPKC Chair: Michelle Darnell
LPKC Vice Chair: Matt Durbin
LPKC Co-Chair: Billy Doyle
LPKC Outreach Director: Adam Owen
LPKC Political Director: David Johnson
LPKC Secretary: Bill Herman
LPKC Treasurer: Charles Schaefer
LPKC IT Director: Steven Hoag
LPKC Area Director 1: Alex Love
LPKC Area Director 2: Brendan Roman
LPKC Area Director 3: James Sherman