Thursday, March 30, 2017

James Blair (L): Yelm, WA City Council candidate talks Public Safety and Empowering Local Community

James Blair, Yelm, WA City Council Position 7 candidate
James Blair, Yelm, WA City Council Position 7 candidate

James Blair of Yelm, Washington is running for City Council, Position 7.  You can follow him on Facebook at and find out even more information on the website at

DM:  Welcome to the 2017 campaign season, James; and thanks for speaking with the LCI about your City Council run for this year. What are your plans to do in your city as Councilman?

JB:  Thank you, David. I am excited for this election cycle, and I appreciate you reaching out for this interview. My plan as a City Councilman will be to provide a voice that is missing in today's politics. I believe we need to simplify Government to focus on the original intent. To protect Life, Liberty, and Property. Public safety and creating a prosperous community needs to be our #1 priorities.

DM:  What is the number one thing your community needs attention to, that you would see addressed as Councilman?

JB:  I have two major issues that I see equally important Making public safety a top priority for one. We just do not have the manpower in our Police Dept to effectively ensure protection of the community. I want to work towards prioritizing funds to ensure we have a minimum of two Officers on duty at all times. We still have times when only one Officer is on duty. This is unacceptable, especially given that this is not a new issue. It is unsafe for the public and for the Officer. At the same time, we need to find ways to make doing business in Yelm more attractive to both businesses and consumers alike. I want to work with the Community, Mayor, and fellow Council members to find ways to foster a welcoming business environment. One which will bring a variety of commerce and industry that will provide quality jobs and promote a thriving economy in our City.

DM:  What long term changes would you like to see occur with your fellow Council?

JB:  The biggest changes I would like to see is making Yelm more attractive to business. Yelm is a fast growing community, and still retains the small town feel. That is something unique to Yelm, and something we should hold on to. However, we need to bring quality jobs to Yelm. We need to attract manufacturing, logistics, and other industries. Part of that is to complete the Yelm bypass loop. With completion of the bypass, we can help to bring in those businesses.

DM:  Having more industries and jobs available in smaller towns provides a safety net for local citizens. Along those lines, any plans on encouraging trade schools to open up within city limits? Other thoughts on local school improvement?

JB:  Absolutely, bringing quality jobs to small towns would benefit everyone. Many people would rather work close to home than commuting long distances. I think a local trade school would be a fantastic idea! It's definitely something I would be interested in starting the conversation about. In conversations about our local schools, the biggest issues that have been brought up are over-crowding and safety concerns. I intend to learn more about these concerns and work to find solutions.

DM:  You've covered a lot of information regarding local changes and improvements. Any plans on further helping empower local nonprofits and charities that currently may be burdened by local restrictions? Are there any regulations you can think of that are affecting them?

JB:  Local non-profits and charities are where the real work is done. No government program will ever be able to efficiently provide the assistance that comes from these organizations. I will always do everything in my power to help them. I will be a strong opponent to any regulations that burden non-profits and charities from performing their operations.

DM:  What is your website and other social media pages that readers should be aware of and information on volunteering/donating for your campaign?

There is a link to my Facebook Page from the website.

DM:  Thank you for answering our questions during your busy campaign run, James. What closing thoughts would you like to leave with everyone reading?

JB:  My interest in politics came from witnessing the division in America through the 2016 election. I saw that same division in our local government in Yelm. We need people that are able to work with others in order to make things happen in the best interests of of the people in our town. I will be that person.

James Blair, Yelm, Washington City Council Position 7 candidate
James Blair, Yelm, Washington City Council Position 7 candidate

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Editor in Chief for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.