Friday, March 24, 2017

LCI Exclusive: Liberty Link Media Group's Nicholas Veser talks Libertarian Daily Headlines

Liberty Link Media Group's Nicholas Veser during a Being Libertarian, Daily Headline Segment
Liberty Link Media Group's Nicholas Veser during a Being Libertarian, Daily Headline Segment
DM: Liberty Link Media had taken the Libertarian movement by surprise in the last couple months. We have the privilege of talking with Nicholas Veser. Thank you for joining LCI to chat about LLM. Let's start with how it began and what idea came along to create this daily soundbite video production and news?

NV:  My wife and I have always been very liberty-minded, but last year we engaged more with the content we were seeing online during the Johnson campaign, and were disappointed with the packaging of the message. I realized that there was no production company out there who was strictly focused on propping the liberty movement up through the power of professional video content. We were also the victims of cronyism at a level we never thought possible before, which really made this more of a calling for both of us. With an 11 year career in TV/Media, I knew exactly what I was looking for when vetting DP's, writers, and editors. Therefore, I was able to get some solid people in place in several markets pretty quickly. After meeting my Senior Producer, Dustin Karrat, we decided it would be good idea to fulfill our desire to be a leading voice in activism while simultaneously bringing brand recognition to our company by creating short, and easily digestible headlines that not only appealed to libertarians, but also appealed to those people who were disenfranchised by the two major parties.

DM:  People are aware of the "Daily Headline" videos, but what other content do you produce and plans for upcoming new content?

NV:  Our headlines have seen some popularity, but our core competencies are on the production side of things. The "Choose Freedom" segment that we did for the Libertarian National Committee is a better example of our production work. We will be producing a segment covering the Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival in connection with the LPPA state convention in the beginning of April, and have several other projects in the works. Some are for candidates, and some are for libertarian organizations. Additionally, we have partnered with Being Libertarian, and this is excellent news for our distribution channels allowing for some exciting content opportunities in the future.

LLMG's Video of "Choose Freedom"

DM:  What have you enjoyed the most so far with everything happening in LLM and what has been the worst thing?

NV:  It's good to have a message that we can get out to as many people as possible. Dustin and I are often split on the topics we discuss, but we are also the two people ultimately making the call on all content. When we started I don't think either one of us really expected anyone to care what we had to say so it's nice to see how many people do. Our recent partnership with Being Libertarian has also been an exciting step toward achieving our goals.

The down side is the lack of urgency we have seen from some in the freedom movement. There seems to be several forces pulling in many opposite directions and in some cases, priorities that do not match the urgent need to move our message to the forefront of the American political discussion. This only applies to some, certainly not everyone within the movement.
Liberty Link Media's Nicholas Veser with LP Vice Chair Arvin Vohra, LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark, and 2016 LP Presidential candidate Larry Sharpe
Liberty Link Media's Nicholas Veser with LP Vice Chair Arvin Vohra, LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark, and 2016 LP Presidential candidate Larry Sharpe

DM:  At this moment in our time line, there is a lot of in-fighting within the Libertarian Party that sees rises of factions in pragmatism, radical spectrum, far left and even far right ideologies. Personally, I think pragmatic Libertarians will be the ones who stay the course and will be the future and elected candidates of the party. Pragmatic as in inching the community towards the end goal of libertarianism with realistic approach rather than just hitting the "reset button." People have been conditioned to reject liberty over the last 100+ years in the United States and need to have their path laid out toward liberty rather than expecting them to accept personal responsibility overnight. What is your take on this and what do you see being the "victor" from this battle?

NV:  I look right past those who make the argument that we can go from society today to full libertarianism. Without some form of revolution, it's impossible. Who knows? There are several things that could happen, but I prefer to latch on to reality and understand that pragmatism is the only way we will ever be heard. Therefore, a pragmatic approach is the only possible victor. I also think libertarianism can be easily understood once it is applied to ones life. You can have very personal moral feelings about something, but not think the state should be legislating that moral decision. Once people truly embrace that it should lead to less infighting. As for my own view on infighting, I have no use for it. It doesn't move me, my company, or my ideals forward so I do not partake in it nor do I pay attention to it.

DM:  It's been great having you with us and we will need to follow up again after some time has passed. Closing out, what words would you like to leave with readers about the future of Liberty Link Media and any ways they can be involved to help or donate?

NV:  Thanks for having me. The only thing I would want people to be aware of is that we handle pretty much any type of production you can think of. From events, to political ads, to sizzle reels; we do it. If you are a company or organization in 2017 or even a political figure, and you aren't using video to promote your product, service, or brand then you have already lost. I hate to be so candid, but I prefer not to pull punches. Even if you need advice on how to go about getting done, email me at

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