Friday, October 21, 2016

Why is every Political Party and Independents, Terrified of Clinton and the People around Her? by David Malekar


Never in the history of our country, have we seen a general collaboration of the Republican, Green, Libertarian, and Constitution Parties against the War Machine that is Hillary Clinton.

You can be a supporter of any of these four parties and still unanimously agree that Clinton is a criminal and the Democratic Party is rigging this election.

The fact that all four of these major parties are in complete agreement should scream "WARNING" to those who are even remotely considering voting for Clinton. 

I can't comprehend it.

Then again, we can't comprehend it. We don't understand Clinton voters because we have actually read at least one article that shows the amount of war and body trail that Clinton administrations have left behind. The lies that have been told. The fraud that has been committed. 

Hillary's voters have not read one article about her that exposes who they are, without dismissing it immediately to being "just bad guys talking about a nice old woman."

I've spoken to Clinton supporters. They are very unaware to what she really is. Look at Clinton's Facebook. It's nothing but stories of a nice old woman that's "fighting for women and kids." This is all they know about Clinton because this is all they see. Their environment is safe from the truth because they don't read online news. They see what's on TV once in a while, painting the Third-Parties as "never having a chance" and "a wasted vote." The only talk about Trump being "racist," a "sexist," this, that, and whatever. These people have a closed world view that everyone other than Hillary is "the bad guy" and we will be destroying the country for women and children.

This is crunch time. This is the final showdown. The Globalist Bankers want to usher in Clinton to allow them to continue to rob the American people of their money and rights in broad daylight. You have to be gentle as they already view you as "the enemy." While frustrating, be patient with a Clinton supporter and explain that they should take a look at why every political party in America is terrified of a Clinton Presidency. Ask them to just think about that. When Jill Stein and Donald Trump are agreeing that Clinton is a threat to all of our safety and the world, maybe it will be enough for the idea to hit them to look at all the things that are being said.

We can't afford another 4 to 8 years of what has felt like one giant Presidential term since Bill Clinton. War since him through Bush to Obama. Poverty and recession. Big banks getting bailed out and avoiding criminal justice. American citizens being killed by the militarized police state and the massive incarceration by the prison industrial complex. We can't as a nation afford this.

Please, Clinton voters. We are asking that you simply ask the simple question, "Why is every political party and independents, terrified of Clinton and the people around her?" If she's truly the nice woman that wants to take care of women and children, why are we so scared of this? Just, please, think about it. Then start reading the articles we are sharing, listen to the things we are saying. All we ask is that you look and see what we are talking about and why we do.

- David Malekar
Independent Associate Editor of Liberty Chronicle Independent
Equal & Civil Rights, Homeless Relief/Solution and Anti-War Activist
Piscataway Native American

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.