Sunday, July 24, 2016

Millennials See Beyond Two Parties and Reject Insanity by David Malekar

Presidential candidates Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)

Militant Far Left and Far Right people online are quick to talk in such a disrespectful Manner towards Green, Libertarian, or Constitution Party candidates, that only want to help fix things.

Meanwhile, they'll blindly worship without even questioning Republican or Democratic candidates, or go full Stockholm Syndrome and justify things like more unnecessary war, expansion of oppressive items in Government  (NDAA, PATRIOT ACT), regulations that prevent charities and nonprofits from helping people, tax dollars going towards weapons that will end up killing citizens by public servants, etc.

How do you reason with that?

Telling Third-party candidates that they're nothing (when they want to fix things), but repeatedly voting in people, who hurt them and others.

That sounds like insanity to me.

Mark my words, Millennials control the votes now; and they do their research on candidates online. Those who are trapped in the false left/right paradigm are fading away. The ones who think you can only vote Republican or Democratic are trapped, by their own mind alone.

If voting by the masses is what determines our leaders; why would you willingly continue to vote for the "lesser of two evils" on the sole reason of "I have to, or the other bad guy will win."

These people are literally their own worst enemy, in this sense.

I am grateful that Millennials broke that mindset and within 16 years, you will have a Socialist or Libertarian President. Within 8 years, you will see an even more dominate rise of Third-party Congressmen, House Representatives, Mayors, Governors, etc.

I can not encourage all of you enough, to go and vote Third-party, just for the sake of breaking the duopoly that is currently in place. With all of the information of man within your pocket these days, there's no excuse to not know who your candidates are in your area, or nationally. There's no excuse to not vote outside a group of “more of the same” and worse. A Third-party candidate can not make it any worse than it is now. I thank you for those who get this, and for those of you who will get this eventually.

- David Malekar

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Lead Contributor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.