Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Phoenix City Community Meeting with Police Chief Jeri Williams

Phoenix, AZ Community Meeting
With Police Chief Jeri Williams
and Concilmember Warring

I was in attendance to this community meeting in my council district in Phoenix. The district is up for election and I have noticed that Jim Warring is running for reelection unopposed. Jeri Williams is new to the department. She started back in October and came from California where she's been in law enforcement for years. She  explains about hiring more officers and talks about the most prolific crimes in the area which is property crimes. Above is a whole video of the meeting. 

Questions on DCS

Arizona has a huge problem right now with DCS (Department of Child Safety (CPS)). They do not currently need warrants per state law. However Police departments may chose their involvement in enforcing laws. There is a separate division in the police department that works directly with DCS called the "Family Investigations Bureau." I was asked by a community member to ask questions related to DCS. I didn't get to ask my second question. She says it plain and simple AZ doesn't need "Warrants" to seize parental rights from parents. Doesn't this go against the 4th amendment and some others? While she went around the question a bit I got contact information and learned more about the Phoenix Police department. Below I have links in support of my claims and information about the department. This is just the beginning of  my coverage on this issue as there was a Rally here last Friday that made the news. 

Alex Love is an independent journalist from Lynnwood, WA / Phoenix, AZ. He is a community servant and activist who also runs a non profit called Love 4 Liberty.