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Interview with Libertarian Party of King County Chair, Michelle Darnell and Plans for LPKC

Libertarian Party of King County Washington

Interview with Libertarian Party of King County Chair, Michelle Darnell and Plans for LPKC

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The Libertarian Party of King County is a newly formed chapter, this year in early 2017.  Michelle Darnell, who has been a semi-regular guest on LCI talks with us once more about LPKC's plans and how Seattle and King County affect the entire state of Washington.

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Michelle Darnell has released the following to accompany this interview, as they are building LPKC and need your help:

Dear Friends of Liberty and Justice,
I know you have had enough of taxes, regulation and stifling oppression.  You feel your freedom slipping away every single day.  You are frustrated to see the homeless on the streets and to be sitting in time sucking traffic.  You don’t know what to do about it though. This letter is your first step!
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  The time has come for us to unite and fight back!
King County is heavily under attack. Barely a day goes by that the headlines don’t speak of an attempt to raise our taxes in order to respond to a crisis.  Homelessness, a failing education system, horrible traffic and income inequality are all used as excuses to for increased taxes and regulation.
Meanwhile our liberty candidates struggle to gain a foothold.
That is what the Libertarian Party of King County (LPKC) hopes to do.
We are building a party apparatus to support liberty minded candidates and influence policy and legislation around King County and in Olympia.  We will leverage data, technology, our resources and a team of passionate and talented people to increase our exposure in our county, reach voters with a positive libertarian message and professionalize our party.
We already have taken the first steps toward our vision.  We have an 11 member board, a website multiple social media channels, several candidates running and donations are already coming in!  
If you want to see what we have been up to, go here: []
We also have thousands of people ready to get to work.  But we need a place to call home, a place to meet, work and store materials.  We also need a full-time director. Most of our team are volunteers, working full-time jobs.  We need one person now dedicated to helping us organize and keep things moving forward.
If I have learned anything in my last 8 years is that politics is a numbers game and:
We have to pay to play.
So help us put our flag in the ground and reclaim King County from the progressive tax and spend agenda that is CREATING poverty and homelessness and disempowering individuals and businesses. Help us build a third party that truly represents YOUR interests and modernizes the way we approach politics in King County. This is how WE win!
As King County goes, so goes the State of Washington.  King County is also the 14th largest county in the country so we are in a strategic position. 
We need your help today to build this. Together we are LIBERTY STRONG!
LPKC is growing VERY quickly.  We need to hire paid staff and secure an office.  This will allow us to take our next steps toward activating volunteers in our community to canvass and assist our candidates this year and hereafter. 
We also want to collaborate with local individual organizations in serving our community as an example of private organizations responding to public problems. In so doing we DISPLACE government.

In fact 10% of our regular contributions will go to charitable efforts.

Would you consider donating $5/25/100 a month to help us achieve our mission? You can set up a regular or onetime donate online at  So help us reach our goal of $10,000. 
Even if you live our side King County you can help us reclaim our county, take back our state and impact our country.  We are building a bench of future congressmen and women and maybe even a President!
Join us today!  Many hands make light work!
I personally promise you, we won’t let you down!  If you ever have a concern or suggestion you can contact me at
So what are you waiting for? Lets get this party started!
We thank you in advance for your support!  Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to grow our organization, support our candidates and serve our community.
So help us reach our goal of $10,000.  Many hands make light work!
BE the change,
Michelle Darnell, Chair
Libertarian Party of King County
Donation Link:

P.S. Please make sure to check our website for other opportunities, events and candidate information or subscribe to our monthly newsletter at
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This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Editor in Chief for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; and publishes content to other online publications.