Monday, September 19, 2016

LCI Exclusive: 60 Minutes w/ Michelle Darnell 2016 -L 48th House of Reps candidate in WA State

Liberty Chronicle Independent Exclusive: 60 Minutes with Michelle Darnell 2016 -L of the 48th District, House of Representatives candidate in Washington State.

Michelle is going to walk over 70 miles to Olympia to raise awareness on Foreclosure/Fraud and Homelessness. Her efforts have recently gained her the endorsement of Bill Bryant for Governor, Steve McLaughlin- For WA State Public Lands Commissioner and Marty McClendon for Lt. Governor, all from WA respectively. Education, Transportation, Delivery of Mental Health services, Criminal Justice reform, Homelessness and the recent push for a WA income tax and more are covered in this information packed interview.

"The Linda James Hope for the Homes Walk" event can be joined via the Facebook event here:

You can donate towards the walk at the following link:

To skip to some of the specific subjects covered in this interview, here are a few quick breakdown videos: 

QA1A Foreclosure Walk

QA1B ForeclosureWalk

QA2 Walk

QA3 Cronyism

QA4 Criminal Justice Reform

QA5 Education

QA6 Transportation

Michelle's other links are as follows:

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