Sunday, September 25, 2016

2nd Amendment Rally at Washington State Capital 9.24.2016 (Exclusive Interview and Video Footage)

The Keep Your "Laws" Off Our Rights. Gun Rights Rally and Open Carry Picnic, Washington State as stated on the Facebook invite is as follows:

We at the Gun Rights Coalition, the Oregon Council on Firearm Rights, and many other groups in the Pacific Northwest that will support and attend believe in the Original Intent of the Constitution. That our inherently protected right to keep and bear arms IS ABSOLUTE and that no level of government has the authority to restrict that right in any capacity, in any form or in any fashion no matter the class of firearm or the accessory in which is attached to the firearm including ammunition feeding devices.

September 23rd. we will rally in Salem, Oregon and on September 24th. we will rally in Olympia, Washington to say NO to unconstitutional laws that infringe and impair on our inherent right to keep and bear arms not only for self defense but also to defend against tyrannical governments, both foreign and domestic. Let's be clear, our rights are not negotiable and we demand that government keep their "laws off our rights".

In Washington we will rally at 11 AM on September 24 on the front steps of the State Capital in Olympia where we will make a statement that we will not sit idle. Following this we will have an Open Carry Family Picnic in the area of Tivoli Fountain so plan to bring your lunches with you.

Details for the Oregon Rally can be found at this link. Please attend both if at all possible as these rights do not stop at borders. Therefore we must fight them without regard to borders as well.

There was a turnout of about 150 or so, many representing Gary Johnson, Presidential candidate from the Libertarian Party and WA state candidates for Public Lands Commissioner Steve McLaughlin and Lt. Governor Marty McClendon teams from the WA state Republican Party.

At the steps of the State Capital

Libertarians who are known to support all Amendments, set up shop near the rally steps.

Marty McClendon banner
Steve McLaughlin representation

We arrived just in time to see Michelle Darnell, running in the 48th District for the House of Representatives as a Libertarian (who faces by her self a Democrat Incumbent); speak on the 2nd Amendment.  Video Footage is below:

LCI Exclusive: Michelle Darnell at the 2nd Amendment Rally in Olympia, WA 9.24.2016

A very diverse crowd showing support for the 2nd Amendment

Rick closed out the Rally with final words:

We were able to interview Rick and Chris from the Gun Rights Coalition to get their take on today's events.  You can watch from either angle, either live steam or recorded below:

LCI Exclusive: Interview with Rick and Chris at the 2nd Amendment Rally in Olympia, WA 9.24.2016

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.