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LCI Exclusive: Libertarian Party of Washington State Convention 4.21-4.22.2017 Coverage

2017 Libertarian Party of Washington (LPWA) State Convention in Moses Lake, WA
2017 Libertarian Party of Washington (LPWA) State Convention in Moses Lake, WA

The 2017 Libertarian Party of Washington State Convention was held in Moses Lake, WA from April 21st to 23rd, 2017.  LCI was on-site for the Friday and Saturday festivities.  Training for candidates and volunteers were held on the 23rd.

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LCI Exclusive: 2017 LPWA State Convention (FB Livestream Coverage Video) 4.21.2017

There was a great deal of surprise to everyone in attendance as current LPWA State Chair, David Traynor reported to the attendees that they were 3 members short of reaching quorum requirements to hold the business meeting portion on the convention.  It was agreed upon by the body to host the business meeting portions of the State Convention on July 8th and possibly 9th, 2017; likely within King County to address the attendance situation.  State leadership is said to have had the event in Moses Lake since City Council member, Don Myers is located there; along with the fact that Eastern Washington has held 4 of the last State Conventions and the East Side needed a turn.  Despite the convenience of the location, only a small number of Eastern Washington Libertarians made the convention, primarily being an approximate 3/4 attendance from King, Snohomoish and Kitsap Counties.

LPWA Chair, David Traynor Addressing Quorum Issue at LPWA State Convention 4.22.2017

Libertarian Party of King County Vice Chair, Matt Dubin addressed the crowd and words of encouragement for the State Party.

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LPKC Vice Chair Matt Dubin, speaks at LPWA State Convention 4.22.2017 

Caryn Ann Harlos, National Region 1 Representative and Libertarian Historian presented the "Statement of Principles" and history on the LP back in 1972-74.  You can see Caryn Ann's handout with the presentation at the following link:

Caryn Ann Harlos Speaks at LPWA State Convention 4.22.2017 - "Statement of Principles" of 1974

2017 Kent City Council Candidate, Paul Addis addressed the convention with his own "Letter from Paul" to rally together members of the state party.

You can view our previous interview with Paul here:

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Paul Addis Speaks at Libertarian Party of Washington (LPWA) State Convention 4.22.2017

2018 Potential Governor Candidate, Larry Sharpe had informative words as well, for the Washington State Libertarian Party in his presentation.

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Larry Sharpe speaks at LPWA State Convention 4.22.2017 (HD Version)

Don Myers, current Libertarian City Council member of Moses Lake, WA closed out the speaking session for that Saturday and had more words of inspiration for the LPWA body in attendance.

Don Myers, Moses Lake City Council memeber speaks at the LPWA State Convention 2017 4.22.2017

LPWA will continue on with their business session of the convention in July 2017.  Stay posted with their website at and their Facebook page at

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David Traynor,Matt Dubin, and Don Myers video courtesy of LCI Independent Contributor, Alex Love of Love 4 Liberty.  Editing by LCI E.I.C. David Malekar.