Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Donald Trump Holds Rally in Washington State; Focuses Speech on Minorities (Full Video Coverage) 8.30.2016

Donald Trump Rally in Everett, Washington at the Xfinity Arena
Everyone going in, knew that there was going to be controversy and there certainly was.  While I was safe and snug in the Press Box a little after 4 PM PST, thousands were outside waiting to get inside or protesting.  They had set up designated "protest spots" for those who were protesting, to have a "safe space."  There was at least three, possibly four different instances where protestors from within the arena were physically removed or asked to leave.  Most occurred during Trump's speech.

Authorities did well keeping order directly outside the arena's entrance.

Credit is due to the campaign staff, arena staff and local authorities as things were relatively originated and kept the safety of the atmosphere up.  There was also a very smooth and well appreciated transition into the building for Press, something Trump has criticized greatly.  Not to worry Mr. Trump, Liberty Chronicle Independent has you covered from a non-corporate sponsored point of view.

Watch the videos below for full coverage of Mr. Trump at the rally.

Donald Trump in Washington State at the Xfinity Arena Part 1

Donald Trump in Washington State at the Xfinity Arena Part 2

Donald claimed during his speech that they had set a record attendance for the rally. There was definitely an electric atmosphere, similar to the Bernie rally that was held earlier this year at the Key Arena in WA.  Notable guest speaker and former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani spoke out against Clinton and gave his support towards Donald Trump.  Giuliani recently spoke out about how he "saved more black lives than Beyonce," which helps further push the biggest subject Trump talked about at the event.

Mr. Trump held nothing back towards his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton; referring to her email controversy and Benghazi.  In what many may consider a surprise, Trump spoke mostly on minorities and addressing the issues within the inner-cities; both highly important national subjects to millennials.  These are subjects that the Libertarian Party have fallen back on as a whole, but the Johnson campaign is picking up where fringe Libertarians are missing out.  There were many minorities from many different ethnicities in attendance; something that the Libertarian Party has been criticized in the past (notably by former LP Presidential 2016 candidate John McAfee at the national convention that was held earlier this year in Orlando, Florida).

Other notable subject Mr. Trump touched on were the NAFTA trade agreement and giving his word on changing it, along with being against the TPP.  Overall, it was a good presentation to the state of Washington, which sides mostly towards the "left" in their voting record.

There was no Press Conference held after the event, more than likely because Mr. Trump will be in Arizona tomorrow, to address border issues among other topics.

While leaving the event, I was able to get an interview with an individual who identifies as Libertarian but is voting for Trump.  He gives his reasons why:

Washington voters in attendance were certainly impacted by this memorable and eventful evening.  Gary Johnson will be in Washington State in September, and certainly has an act to follow after this and the previous rallies held by Hillary Clinton in the local area.  There is no denying it, this is certainly a major election year and turning point in America's history.

This contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar, Independent Associate Editor for the Liberty Chronicle Independent; who publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.