Monday, August 22, 2016

Building Libertarian Party through Network Marketing Techniques

I'll admit it freely. I am in a network marketing business. Now a lot of people immediately shy away from Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing businesses because some of the more shady ones have a very bad reputation. Personally, the business I am involved in offers legal and identity theft services to families and businesses. There are no potions, no lotions, no "pyramid scams". I get paid based upon the sales I produce, and the team under me produce.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful network marketing business is exposing people to the information, and building a team of individuals willing to share the information with others and help grow the team. You don't even have to be a powerhouse recruiter - recruit 3 good people, they each recruit 3 good people, your team keeps growing and before you know it you've got at least 40 people in the team, if not more.  Recruit enough good people, and the team grows with or without your involvement.

The key to growing large teams is through warm market networking. Sit down with friends and family for five or ten minutes, and show them the information. No pressure - and some people just won't get it.  That's ok - you have to go through the no's to get to the yes's.

So why can't we follow a similar system for building the Libertarian Party?

There doesn't need to be any monetary incentives to do this, we all want to see Liberty grow and prosper, and doing so is enough reward in itself.

When you look at businesses like Uber or AirBNB, these are disruptive businesses which break the mold of traditional services, and through an almost viral word-of-mouth marketing, these businesses grow and prosper. Why can't the Libertarian party become a disruptive force as well?

How do we grow network marketing businesses? Standardized tools, as well as events.

When I was introduced to the Libertarian Party, there was a party website, and of course random sites with no real "this is an introduction to the libertarian party" standardized message.

So it's time to fix this. Coming over the next few months, building up to the election in November, I will be developing a "toolkit" of sorts to help promote the Libertarian party to people who aren't familiar with it.

Once this toolkit is rolled out, then it will be up to you, the current members, to push forward and get the toolkit into the hands of those who have never considered the Libertarian Party before.

Developing these tools is only the first step.  The second step will be much harder. We must begin to organize events across the nation to introduce people to the Libertarian Party. This will take a lot of boots on the ground, but with a standardized tool set, will be possible.

Let's make 2016 our year to shine.

Ken Buckler, Editor