Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Addresses the Greater Seattle Area Before WA Dem. Caucus

The following contribution is from Seattle-based independent journalist, David Malekar; who regularly publishes content to the WashCo Chronicle and other online publications.

Hillary Clinton Addresses the Greater Seattle Area Before WA Dem. Caucus

Black Lives Matter Protestors at Clinton WA Rally
BLM signs and protestors lined the outside of the school
Clinton had quite a busy day Tuesday (3/22/2016) with an event early in the day at Seattle northern city, Everett and a sold out private luncheon, where tickets were at a minimum of $2,700 a person.

Line for Clinton Rally in WA
The line for the event stretched around the block
Upon first arrival at the event hosted at the Rainier Beach High School, one could see the lines wrapped around the corner of the block.  Hillary had quite an act to follow after Bernie Sanders packed the Key Arena with well over 15,000 people in attendance on Sunday (3/20/2016).  While the numbers were roughly a quarter of what Mr. Sanders had, the crowd still held a positive energy to make up for it.  There were a good many protestors outside; some from the "Black Lives Matter" movement, others in general protest.  Clinton has faced controversy in recent past events with other protestors.  There did not appear to be any within the inside of the evening's event.  Clinton did make note to the audience that there are usually protestors at her events, because they are "upset."

Before Clinton's arrival on stage, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray spoke highly of the Presidential hopeful.  Before turning the stage over, he made his endorsement for Hillary.  Upon Clinton's arrival on stage, the five hundred plus crowd roared in cheers.  Those who could not be inside due to the High School's limited capacity, could hear the event through speakers outside.

Hillary Clinton in WA for 2016 Presidential campaign
Hillary Clinton addressing the crowd of the evening
Mention of climate change issues and other green alternatives such as solar energy were early talking point.  Clinton lightly touched on ISIS and cited the 9/11 terror attacks in New York, saying she would do everything to ensure a strong national defense domestically.  A big focus of her speech was on the middle and lower working class.  Making points about keeping jobs within America and having more apprenticeship programs in high schools and community colleges.  She had mentioned reform within the judicial process, but did not touch on the subject of legalization of marijuana on a federal level.  Other interesting points were made on having debt free tuition and the ability of student loans to be refinanced; repayment programs having a end date of obligation.  Notable mentions on concerns for paid family leave and raising the minimum wage.  She had quoted two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women, a talking point she has used in the past.

After the event, I spoke with a few attendees to get an idea of what they took away from the evening.  Generally, it was a positive reception from their point of view.  I pointed out that there was a lack of information toward police accountability and decriminalization of marijuana on the Federal level; both very hot issues right now with younger people.  The consensus seemed to be that Hillary only had so much time available to speak, and unable to address everything that are on voters minds.  One could not help but feel there was certainly much more that needed to be talked about.  Voters will certainly make their voice heard this Saturday (3/26/2016) at the Democratic Caucus polls.